Tempting Maggie

It’s time for my next book.

This one is called Tempting Maggie and it’s going to be a standalone novel for now. Could definitely become a series, we’ll have to see. I have written a good chunk of the next part of their story. Let me know what you think of this couple! There’s a lot more to them than what you see in this first book and I’d like you to learn it.

The story: A young couple, Max and Maggie, are engaged to be married. They’re still in college but their wedding is planned for the summer after their final year. The wedding date is just ten months away. Maggie is provided some muscular temptation and the sweet girl falters. Max witnesses this and it challenges him and what he thinks about the woman he’s proposed to. Her fidelity, her sexual history…

I don’t want to give too much away. I like this one. It was a fun break from Geoff and Nia, though it comes with its own set of heart-racing dilemmas. I like how this is a young couple and I like how their relationship is challenged before they tie the knot. They are committed to one another but nothing is set in stone. This strange moment in their time together provides some interesting possibilities.

Fun note—The college they attend is a private liberal arts college in Vermont called Farmingham. Notable alumni: Gretchen Harlowe, comedy writer, and Atticus Hawke, award-winning artist and son of famous musician Ricky Hawke.

62 thoughts on “Tempting Maggie

  1. Thanks for taking the time to respond.I agree with you about the mental aspect of this genre, and I appreciate that level of complexity in your writing. Oh damn, now you’ve cursed me to constantly check this site for updates about that new story. I cannot wait!

  2. Sorry, guys! It's available now…sometimes it's only a few hours before it's published but that was almost 24…I'll put a post up shortly and we can talk over there…

  3. Greetings KT! I'm new to your books but after Amazon insisted I would like them, I tried them out! I'm hooked! While I have only read the 2 Maggie books I can say that you have gained a fan! I'm very exited to read the third book! (I like the other two so much that I bought them after I borrowed them!) I hope Maggie is a long series! and Thank you for the amazing story!

  4. That's great news—and I am so glad to have a new fan! Maggie has a lot more chapters for me to explore so I imagine it will be a long series. I'm at a technical 110,000 words and I have planned another 150,000. The next 30,000 of it coming out today or tomorrow…

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