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Unlike Sanctity, Temporal was not a favourite book to write. You’ll know why when you read it. This morning I started a blank file that will be the last book in the series and now my heart’s heavy knowing I will be spending my last days with a family I’ve grown to legitimately love. It’s put me in a bad place.

Temporal is very dark. But the themes all along have been dark and I have to stay true to the story and all the characters. All of them. The events in Temporal were planned a long time ago and I dreaded the day I had to write them. Going into the next book I know it’s only going to get worse. Why do I write this way? Fuck if I know. I should probably stick with menage stories with French Canadian girls. That story made me happy.

How might I need your help? If you like this book I could do with a positive review if you are so inclined. I anticipate negativity. There are readers out there who might pick this book up interested only in some descriptive hotwife action. They might be angered by what I’ve done. I get it. These books aren’t for everybody. If you didn’t like the book that’s okay, I understand. I feel like if you’re here at my blog though you were already initiated.

I like intense, raw emotion, and I like the idea of wife-sharing. Maybe they don’t mix but I can’t imagine a situation where tempers and passions could be higher. That’s why I write the genre. Maybe the genre isn’t looking for me!

That said, I ain’t leaving. Sounds like most of you want the conclusion of Cayman Proxy after Geoff and Nia’s story is done. I can do that. Wished you were begging for Obsessed 3 but, hey, I’ll finish that one later just for me 🙂

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  1. KT- regarding the seen with Dino – I knew exactly who that was for and it's why it was so hot. To be the husband viewing his wife working out what her lover wants out of this, resolving a relationship, knowing they are going to make love no matter what the outcome of that conversation. Huge turn on.

  2. I'll add this for Anon too, based on his last sentence of his reply – I thought the Hotel Sanguinet teasing was outstanding too, in the 'look but don't touch' sense.

  3. Geoff a fighter? Hmmmm… we did see flashes of that but I think it depends on what happens next.If Nia crashes the car I bet Dino is one of the first responders. Maybe it is bad enough to cover the fight injuries. Things progress from there to her seeing Dino in a new light. Dino the hero. Too easy a plot for a writer like KT I think.Nia goes to someone. Dino. Angela. Someone. She won't say who beat her up butterfingers point to Geoff. Dino goes after Geoff. Or Rocco does. It gets out. Geoff is ruined professionally regardless of whether or not Nia stands up for him. Geoff finds out Odie is not his. Geoff is devastated. I don't think Nia let's this happen though.Nia goes to Dino. Tells Dino what happened. Dino confronts Rocco about Maria. They fight, someone gets hurt. Rocco leaves Maria. I can see something along these lines happening. Especially if Dino feels any debt to Geoff for covering with Stacy.There's so many ways this could go. Personally I'm thinking it's going to be something tangled along the lines of the second scenario.

  4. Top 10 Love Scenes in LHW2 (Rated PG-13)Why we’re all here, for the lovely Nia to get down and dirty. We keep it somewhat classy here on this blog so I’m not going to go into WHY I think either one is good. That said this a list of my top 10 favorite love scenes in this series. It is definitely not in chronological order, instead it’s ranked on my heart rate level.This one will definitely have varying opinions, so what's your top scenes?10. Nia wants to know if Dino beat up Sebastian – Sanctity9. Dino is drunk – Temporal8. Geoff and Nia watch her perform in Rocco's truck- Kaleidoscope7. Dino shows up unannounced, Geoff is home – Sanctity6. Geoff’s birthday present – Kaleidoscope5. Nia lays it out for Geoff – Temporal4. Hotel Sanguinet – Montreal3. Nia comes home from the club – Cherry Blossoms2. Rocco, the wedding crasher – Temporal1. Dino shows up unannounced and Geoff is NOT home – Sanctity.

  5. Top 10 Odeleisms These are the times when Odie let us know she knows more about life than you did, or was just awesome.10. “That’s what the Algonquins did … for thousands of years.” – That’s how you set up a tent, duh!9. “There’s a lot of memories in there.” Seven-year old nostalgia, looking into old crawlspaces.8. “Dad IS getting old” Odie disses Pops via Skype.7. “You look how I feel.” Odie watches too much t.v.6. “Sugar Poops Night?” Yes, Odie, that is correct!5. “I gotta get away from this rat race, you two are driving me crazy …” Odie wants to go to camp!4. “You need your diaper changed, poopy-pants” – Grade A slam, check and mate, Winslow!3. “Weak, Dad.” – Odie is a closet 90’s child, and calls out Pops for baking Nia goods rather than trying to woo mom.2. “Mom pays more attention to those guys than she does to us” – Oh Odie, if you only knew.1. The Prince, the Princess, and the Ogre – fear the swimming Ogre.

  6. Yeah, I guess I mean that Geoff won't give up on Nia. Fighter may not be the best term. Dino the first responder is really, really interesting, even if that might be a little too easy.I think even though Nia is passed she would never want someone to harm Geoff, i think Nia was blaming herself for getting beat up in the last part so I think she says something about Maria. To whom though is interesting how you laid things out.I think your last scenario in terms of how someone else finds out about what Maria did is good too.I liked all of those story lines!As for Geoff and Nia, I predict they partially make up and Geoff takes his family to their new cottage that they just bought to get away for a while. I predict it won't be the three of them for long though.

  7. Ya know… I've been thinking about this last post here, Bradley. Nia hasbeen deflecting all series long. Geoff called her out on it a few times but for the most part, it's her shtick. A defense mechanism for sure. Related to the possible abuse? But all series long its been one deflection after another. Until the end of temporal in the car. Does she finally see it?

  8. ToBe… I've had to think roundabout this post. At first I wasn't sure how to respond except to ask… had Geoff known about an abusive past, would he have encouraged Nia? My gut says no. And when he finds out how horribly guilty will that make him feel? And seeing this, how guilty will Nia feel for holding it back? They could get stuck in a cyclical review of guilty recriminations that either make them stronger or break them. I'm still concerned the sheer tonnage of bombs Nia has for Geoff might well break him. But I've changed my mind… It isn't Geoff that needs to step up, it's Nia. She needs to trust him.Don't get me wrong. Geoff needs to step up too. But Nia needs to remember why she fell for him in the first place.Your post also sheds more light on the wedding reception for me. Her breaking…. did Rocco just echo her father…?

  9. Let me guess. A tear for Nia and Odie? A piece of her life lost that can't be regained?I felt that. So sad for both of them.I love the story, the sex and danger but the mother child aspect hurt my stomach.

  10. That could be really interesting. I always thought Dino had some potential here. There is something about him… well less so after hearing about the gut punch abuse. But he does have a conscience. He DID try to warn Geoff after all. And that was BEFORE Geoff covered for him , wasn't it? Or was it after? I can't remember now. Point is he's got some depth. Dino being Dino could be fun.

  11. Well, I was sort of kidding:) It wouldn't literally be Dino. It would be a man like Dino, who wasn't cheating on his wife and had never punched a girl in the stomach. A straightforward romance with a swoon-worthy version of Dino!

  12. I love all these Top Lists!My favourite that wasn't mentioned was when she squirted her mom with the super-soaker then hid under her sleeping blanket. When Nia came to the tent, I loved her muffled “I love you,” from under the sleeping bag.Same scene:“Use your muscles, Dad,” she urged.“Ha, I am,” he said, coaxing the flexible rod into the opening now and shoving it through.“Got it?” she called.“Yeah, O. It’s in…”“Is it square?”“Is what square?”“Oh my God, the base of the tent, Dad,” her little bossy voice sighed from the other side of the four-person, double vestibule tent they’d bought today.Can I join in on these or is that creepy?

  13. I mean I guess the author can join. Don't you have a book to write? 🙂 I love your addition, and enjoy the retelling! That scene is in my honorable mention list, I already said the one tent one, which I went with because that was borderline hipster behavior, except it's genuine because she's, you know, seven.

  14. Ha ha, I'm trying, but it's killing me. Need a break from all the sadness…can't believe I'm getting close to not spending any more time with them.Looks like the next book will be a double book. Should be two books but I will release them together as one volume.

  15. You can chill with us, we like your ilk!Just remember that after a while, our friendship will start to get sort of, conditional… :)Thanks for the update!! I am super excited about the length, sounds like an epic conclusion.And not to worry, your crew of ardent supporters evoke Tyler, Jess, and Pete's memory all the time. Something tells me this cast will live on long after you publish.

  16. Oh yeah! That was a neat little one because there was a weird little jealousy thing going on, her mom almost kissed her boy-crush. It was like she knew she was causing trouble. Though she didn't know it would be that much trouble. She's still learning the adult world. Shades of young Nia…

  17. KT–Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately in the long term), you probably have enough ideas to extend this book for another 5 months of writing. Hate to see you put yourself through the wringer that long though!!

  18. KT(aka Pool Shark)– Just wondering, are the balls all set up now so you can run the table neatly on us, or are there a couple of shots that are just not cleanly lining up yet?By the way, I thought it would be real difficult to pull things together for your ending in one book. I must be starting to think like you in some respects. I still am hoping for a real hero(ine) to emerge that thinks larger than themselves and lead to a HEA ending for someone in the story, but that possibility is hanging by a thread, and the knife is moving quickly.Hope you are feeling more envigorated now, and even smiling a bit. Have some fun now!!

  19. I kind of thought you might have been. But I figured I'd hedge my bets and keep Dino in the spotlight. I meant it though. Dino has much more depth than I was expecting.

  20. The mark of a good story and strong charachters, or so I believe, is when the narration exceeds the outline. What's the adage? The best laid plans rarely survive the initiation of battle? Something like that.Your characters have taken on life. The story soars. I can't wait. But I can be patient for the level of quality.

  21. Hopes and Expectations -The titles of these are lyrics from the song ‘Starlight’ by Muse, if you didn’t know.There's a point when you read LHW1, Cay Pro, and LHW2, when the bottom kind of falls out. I think we all have pictured in our minds what might be the most heart wrenching thing that KT could accomplish, because she is capable of showing us things that are pretty dark. Things that at least I did not see coming. Asking Pete to feel her stomach as Tyler enters her, Nia saving Dino’s “evidence” 24 hours just for Geoff (I tried to class this up, but it’s hard to say these things without a touch of dirt). These are some examples of things that caught my mind off guard. Time’s when I was ill prepared for what I was about to read. Then we deal with heavy themes in LHW1 where a husband watches his wife fall in love with another man right in front of his eyes, and largely through his own acquiescence. Hated that, loved that (yes mostly that), will never forget it. The rough treatment Nia wants, absorbs all light into it’s ethereal, shadowy depths. KT sometimes takes us into places where we lack a lot of understanding, moral standards, or codes of conduct. Is there an old wive’s tale for watching your wife get taken by another man? The knowledge of more entries into the saga plunge the mind into an infinite array of possible motivations, seeking behavioral patterns, prophecies, slips of the tongue, things Odie warned us about 🙂 , to find answers to what will happen next. Cues to understanding the point of it all, a standard from which to base our perception, because it seems sometimes that anything is possible. It’s from that backdrop, and some keen insights from others here, that helped motivate my belief that Nia’s father is an awful human being.Taking a step back though, what evidence do I have that her father was such a monster? With the help of some divine intervention (ok, ok, KT was worried about me so I got an email), and allowing my devil’s advocate to weigh in, I will walk myself back from the ledge and attempt to dismantle my claim and swim up to only a comfortable level of drowning.I’ll ease my way out of my terrifying claim by dismantling the evidence that supports it. In two scenes where Nia is powerless in the moment, I took her mental dissociation at those times to mean she was remembering past events, because what she was experiencing with Rocco those times was her normal. Her horrific comfort zone. How did I arrive at that? In Montreal, her first moment of dissociation – she is lifted off where she sees ‘a lover’ and ‘a compatriot.’ Hardly sounds like remembering a terrible event. Instead it sounds like a person seeking acceptance through the comforting memory of people she can trust. At this point in the story, we’re already aware that Geoff was her comfort after her rough experiences with her lovers. In her thoughts she remembers coffee talks, exactly what she did with Geoff in college. Instead of being some terrible sociopath telling her “you’ve come this far, we love you” she is remembering she is loved and has his support to give her strength in her convictions. This isn’t some horrible memory manifesting itself through an associated experience, but a woman reminding herself she isn’t alone in this world when she experiences her guilty pleasure.

  22. Exhibit B – fingers touching where they shouldn't, in ‘Temporal.’ Ok, that one is pretty iron clad molestation. Is it the full on rape that I landed on? No evidence whatsoever to support that. And her father is responsible? Nothing there either. It’s for that reason that I will take a step back out of respect for Papa Giannopolous and say, sorry for ever accusing him of that. I hope he doesn’t have any connections to the Toronto mob scene (is that even a thing?). And again, what does Nia do when she is in her dark state? Clutches the stone gift that her husband gives her to give her the strength to feel comfortable in herself, although I wonder how strong that worked based on what she was thinking in that moment.So where did the hate on her father even come from? There is only one reference (that I can remember) that Nia makes directly about her father before Dino says what he did about her. In that scene, which I outline in my other ‘Black Holes …” post, it really seems like Nia becomes distant because she feels guilty about not really knowing if Geoff is Odie’s father, and not that she is thinking over the horrible memory of her father. I go back to my 2nd reaction post (I write too much, I know!) where I say that it would be ridiculous to ever come close to comparing Odie and Geoff to herself and her father, if her father did what we think happened to her. I’m back to that state of mind now.

  23. So why did Dino say that thing about her dad? I don’t know, maybe he was really strict, maybe he was a normal everyday father and Dino is the boyfriend trying to win over his daughter’s heart over his dead body, creating some animosity between them. Something tells me Dino could raise that kind of reaction out of a father. Hardly a predator, just the father of a wild child like Nia. Why would she implicitly defend her father by saying something like, “don’t talk about my father” to Dino? Why would he even bring him up with her? You want to really turn a girl off if he did what has been claimed? Mood. Killer.I think he may have been a rather strict guy, which may be why Nia has those intense thoughts that she is ‘garbage’ and a ‘slut’ when she was on the ground in the rain because of Rocco. Maybe he was more emotionally abusive or even physically abusive to her, and made her feel this way about herself and Rocco bubbled those thoughts to the surface. All of these are possible. Also possible is how much stranglehold Rocco has on Nia’s happiness now. Afterall, she became devastated by Rocco’s reaction to Geoff knowing about their sex, and Dino, depressed for a week. Perhaps she was thinking those things because his opinion of her matters that much!Sorry for the schizophrenia of these posts, but with so much mystery, I went down a dark rabbit hole and picked out pieces of this book to make my case. Which seemed pretty iron clad until I had a shake up. “Did I do good for you daddy?” was ew, but that will always be my opinion, and not an abnormal thing for people to utter, or in this case, think. I’m back to enjoying this book the way it’s intended, as an erotic thriller.

  24. Edwin, I saw this post and I was working on my other one below. I'm of the mind now where Nia did not have such a terrible past. I think all those things are very legitimate questions that need to be asked of Geoff and Nia had it been true.

  25. 2B don't sweat it. it's all good. All we have had here is speculation. For whatever reasons we have bonded with these characters. The main reason, of course, being the quality of KTs craft. Getting lost in the story, dreading for the characters, happens. I'm glad KT brought you back from the precipice. That being said I too need to remember that this is just a story and all our discussion is just so much speculation.For me it is a matter of how much I identify with Geoff, where with Pete I did not, and how much Nia reminds me of my 1st fiancee. I'm not going to get into details, but will say the story is the worst kind of tragic. Though if KT wants to hear it I will share it, email maybe because I don't think I could do public. Point is these two charachters are resonating with me in a way makes me remember the pain of that time as if I were there again. The hollow feeling in my gut. The pain in my chest. I have to remind myself that these people are not real no matter how much it might feel like they are.For what it's worth I apologize if I played a part to encouraged you toward any personal DARK place our discussions took you.

  26. Edwin – so I am up in the middle of the night randomly, and I decided to actually look up the locations of our characters, because i dont know anything about Toronto. I'm not sure if you knew already based on your Dino as the first responder comment, but I think his firestation would seem to be based on where Royal York is, and where Nia is driving. I think if she gets in accident, Dino might be called there. I wasn't able to Google a literal firestation 455 (which I did because everything else exists that looked at lol), but location wise he is right there. I think the turn is the Gardiner Expressway onto what we know is the Don Valley Parkway, full disclosure.This is mystery that KT probably didn't even mean to make part of her storyline, that I just stumbled on, ha!

  27. Ha ha. I've always wondered if anyone streetviews locations. Some are real some are fictional.Dino's real fire station would kind of be 433. Royal York is a fictional neighbourhood I made north of Etobicoke. When Geoff gets mad at Nia for going to visit Dino after work he says 455 is out of the way, she had to make a special trip. I think he describes the location there. In my head it's north of Etobicoke, so out of the way. In reality, 433 is between Roncesvalles and the also, obviously, fictional Dragon Pools.None of this excludes any of your theories about what may happen…

  28. ToBe- naw. I don't know Toronto. I am in Houston and grew up in LA. I just put 2 and 2 together based on characters, jobs, and descriptions of locations written. I had the sense based on KTs writing that Bia is heading in Dino's general direction. I don't recal Rocco's home being mentioned in the area so I'm figuring the accident with Dino showing up or Nia goes to the station. Or to her work. We will just have to wait and see.KT- I already knew you used some real locations. Your poetic description of the streets of LA in Obsessed proved that to me. Had me remembering Sunset and Hollywood down to the smell. So I figured Toronto wouldn't be any different. It's good though. A good tool to help suspend disbelief.

  29. Ok, in my defense … 4:00am.I may or may not have based my entire neighborhood theory on the existence of a Fairmont hotel in downtown Toronto called “Royal York” with a sharp turn from an “expressway” that turns into Don Valley Parkway not terribly far from it (well, from a google birds eye view perspective … 🙂 ). I couldn't remember where Geoff and Nia live, and all I know of where Dino is, is he is in the opposite direction of where Nia works from home, from the passage that KT mentions. Now I know that is North from Etobicoke. Not that that helps me determine anything, I just know that now lol. What's fact and fiction becomes murky when I know there are facts sprinkled in + ignorance to the area. I have to imagine that's got to be a little fun for KT. Edwin – I figured you surmised it because you knew how Toronto was and/or you were basing it off of the characters, storyline, etc., I never want to presume someone knew or didn't know something. I just googled some of the things from the last scene and when I started seeing real places I thought about that thought you had, and my insomniatic mind connected dots the moment I saw the name of a hotel.KT – The only way you stop these random sparks of mental hubris is to write faster.:)

  30. Evolution of a Hotwife.I sometimes get the sense that there is animosity towards Nia, which has prompted me to think why others could land on that thought. I feel it too to be fair, but I think it’s pretty easy to get stuck on singular events in this story and think, she really should have done that differently, and boy she is a terrible person who can’t see what’s right and wrong. In particular, I think the three decisions she made where her actions have caused the most damage in this book are when she 1) sees Dino to find out about Sebastian, 2) sleeps with Dino without Geoff’s knowledge (again), and 3) let’s Rocco take her at Donna’s Wedding. In the interest of time, and because I think the major crux of my point sort of defends the other two violations I mention, I’ll attempt to defend Nia on her decision to see Dino the second time. It hasn’t really snowed all that much on the Eastern Seaboard, but I think that Nia doing what she is doing is the result of a runaway snowball that could override her (or most people’s) better judgment.I think the major thing to understand about Nia is she has always wanted men like Rocco and Dino. Leaving aside the fact that they are tall, dark, and handsome, Rocco and Dino are alpha males to the fullest extent. One man is very wealthy, and maintains that wealth by hard work and drive and a tremendous manual skill set, the boss of his own business. The other saves lives for his occupation, and has proven he will defend his honor and that of his love’s by literally fighting off the competition. These are the (sometimes dark) objects of just about every warm blooded woman’s desires since as long as I’ve tried to understand them.More to the point though, she knows what kind of men that Dino and Rocco are because she’s known them for years. These two men are not abstract concepts or archetypes of her female fantasies, but the manifestation of them. Not only are they staring her down in the flesh, she knows what one (at least) is capable of bringing out of her, because she’s seen his potential.Geoff became a great option because Nia wanted to escape the pain that men like Dino caused her. However, I think it is really important that it seems like the damage that Dino has done has largely been forgiven and, frankly, never even seemed to be all that maddening to her when she reflects on it. His behavior seems to be pretty reprehensible at times (past and present), but she seems to be over it. That has to be the case because she continues to feel such a large amount of attraction towards Dino.

  31. Consider also what has already happened to Nia as she confronts Dino for the second time. She has already had toe-curling sex with his brother, a desire she developed largely because of what Dino has shown her. This led to one interaction with Dino already based around what Rocco said to Nia in Montreal, about Odie. Then she had the kind of sex that Dino taught her was possible again and finds out that it was in fact Dino who beat up the stripper that, for all he knows, violated her honor. Those actions could seem somewhat inexcusable, but they are also not the only things going through Nia's mind at the moment.When Geoff says she can sleep with someone else, she tells Geoff she doesn’t want to just do it with some mindless good looking body, but a man with some personality and passion. What does Geoff do? In part because they’ve been tossing around these names in bed before, but continuing on that trend, he keeps bringing up Rocco and Dino. She tells him that it’s a bad idea. Dino because of the history, and Rocco, more for the Boss/Employee relationship, but she knows even then that would likely end badly. Still the persistence of their contact with these men, and the progressive discussions about what turns Nia on about them, had an obvious effect on her (him too). To the point where Nia breaking the non-existent but, arguably, implied “ground rules” that are in place for the wife-sharing relationship that Geoff and Nia have, can’t be considered that egregious. Even as she acknowledges that it’s a bad idea to involve Dino laying on her back with him, she knew in the back of her mind that part of what she was doing was okay with Geoff. I think she knows that he is also hurt by what she does, as subsequent conversations in ‘Sanctity’ and ‘Temporal’ bear out, but god is that confusing. Why not just give in? Afterall, if one of your kinks is loving a man who takes what he wants, isn’t this part of why they are doing this?I still can’t get over Nia’s lack of communication throughout this series. This is something I cannot easily disregard. Nia may have made Geoff’s belief that this was okay a little bit easier by saying vital information at times when anger/jealous feelings could have become confused with getting off. She waited until Geoff was nearly finished to tell him (in her own state of arousal) that she cheated on him with Dino. Waited until Geoff agreed it was okay for her to sleep with Rocco to tell Geoff that she was married when it happened. I am by no means saying she’s manipulating his state of being to deaden the impact of her confessions, but it certainly made his opinion of it much more confusing, not just to her, but possibly to himself.She’s also continued not to disclose everything as she goes down this road. She didn’t tell Geoff that she made out with Rocco when they were younger, not a terrible misstep, but something that may have made it easier for Geoff to get turned on by her thinking about him. She still has not told Geoff the time period when she cheated on him with Dino. She hasn’t let Geoff how Rocco and Dino think of him as they finally get a chance to be with her. I feel like that particular fact should matter more to Nia than it has. I feel like a lot of this will be explained in the last part, but the damage has long been done.Won’t be too much longer!

  32. ToBe -I am, mostly, in agreement with you. Geoff and Nia share the burden of this massive clusterfuck. Geoff, though his intentions might be good, should have listened and not pushed Nia, he's about to lose her because of his insecurities. Let's also remember he wanted the best friend that cried on his shoulder back. In a sense Nia was right in Temporal, he wanted her hurt. But, he wanted to be the one she came back to.For Nia, aside from the deflecting and dishonesty, my biggest issue is the way she doesn't think of Odie. You can see this in the very first writing at Nia's viewpoint in book 1. She looks at Odie as HIS daughter. Not hers. Not ours. His. It's this disconnect that bugs me. It's not that she's been or is a bad mom up to this point. But that disconnect has grown.Honestly, were it not for the violence I'd feel bad for Dino. The lovelorn stud. His feelings are obvious. And he's as much punishing himself as anyone else is. I'd love it if he stood up for Geoff the way Geoff covered for him. It would be a trope, sure, but it would show the conscience I think may be lurking in there.I find your analysis sound ToBe. I'm just curious where Nia's jealousy and Odie will fit in when the shit hits the fan.

  33. You make an excellent point (again) about Nia. I agree that she has this strange looking relationship with Odie. She feels jealousy when she sees how she gets with Geoff, allows herself to feel like an afterthought as she spends time with them at the Choo event. I've already mentioned in another post she has made selfish decisions coming home from Montreal, forcing Geoff to spend time with her rather than Odie, and by not being there for her daughter when they pick her up from camp. I never really thought about why that was other than Nia being careless. I think you might be on to something! I wonder if part of it is sort of a need to psychologically distance herself from the deeper pain that she feels seeing them together knowing he may not be her biological father, and refusing to acknowledge that fact. Sort of a projection of sorts, in that she projects that Odie must be Geoff's daughter when, at least in the genetic sense, she is more Nia's daughter than his.

  34. “I wonder if part of it is sort of a need to psychologically distance herself from the deeper pain that she feels seeing them together knowing he may not be her biological father, and refusing to acknowledge that fact.”Exactly what concerns me. She's spent so much time convincing herself and everyone that Odie is Geoff, true or not, that she has stepped aside and forgotten that she is hers too… all except in one aspect, that she is convinced Odie will be just like her in a few years and break daddy's heart. It has the effect of fanning the flames of her jealousy because all she sees is another girl, not her daughter, taking her love and best friend from her and potentially hurting him. And I do think Nia truly loves Geoff. She's just lost sight of how to balance her desires and fears against reality in the face of believing the that. Of course I could be way off base.

  35. Also keep in mind that one of Nia's arguments in favor of Odie being Geoff's is Odie's creativity. I submit that the Dino and Rocco both carry creativity within them as well. For evidence I point to Doll House. Remember Nia's reaction to seeing that pool. She was impressed with the design. And rightfully so. It took creative genius to pull that design off. Yes it was Rocco not Dino, but genes are genes.

  36. This might be needless correction, but I got the chronology of Nia saying she slept with Dino when they were married leading to Geoff's permission to sleep with Rocco, reversed. The general point applies but the timing of Nia's confession wasn't THAT bad.

  37. I love the status bar! It's got to be one of my favorite things on the internet right now.Where she's at is why we love KT. Making sure she ends it the way she wants to!

  38. Yes! I knew I wasn't the only one who comes here every few days to see if it's moved forward. We seem to be closing in a little more each time I check, so yay!

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