I Might Need Help!

Unlike Sanctity, Temporal was not a favourite book to write. You’ll know why when you read it. This morning I started a blank file that will be the last book in the series and now my heart’s heavy knowing I will be spending my last days with a family I’ve grown to legitimately love. It’s put me in a bad place.

Temporal is very dark. But the themes all along have been dark and I have to stay true to the story and all the characters. All of them. The events in Temporal were planned a long time ago and I dreaded the day I had to write them. Going into the next book I know it’s only going to get worse. Why do I write this way? Fuck if I know. I should probably stick with menage stories with French Canadian girls. That story made me happy.

How might I need your help? If you like this book I could do with a positive review if you are so inclined. I anticipate negativity. There are readers out there who might pick this book up interested only in some descriptive hotwife action. They might be angered by what I’ve done. I get it. These books aren’t for everybody. If you didn’t like the book that’s okay, I understand. I feel like if you’re here at my blog though you were already initiated.

I like intense, raw emotion, and I like the idea of wife-sharing. Maybe they don’t mix but I can’t imagine a situation where tempers and passions could be higher. That’s why I write the genre. Maybe the genre isn’t looking for me!

That said, I ain’t leaving. Sounds like most of you want the conclusion of Cayman Proxy after Geoff and Nia’s story is done. I can do that. Wished you were begging for Obsessed 3 but, hey, I’ll finish that one later just for me 🙂

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  1. Congratulations JL23, you are the 150th entry to this blog. You don't win anything, but this this largest number of entries that I remember… for any author that uses this approach for feedback.I personally believe that KT is putting her heart and soul into this ending, and I expect it to be some of her best work. A lot of loose ends to tie up, and I believe she has a real surprise ending worked up that will knock our socks off.Hope all of us can stay sane as we wait for this next book (including KT of course)!!

  2. Wow, what a difference a year makes huh? Her blog is nearing her first birthday! Her first upload was over a year ago, happy belated Amazon birthday! I haven't been on this blog as long as you Guhrka but it has really grown a ton in the short time ive been on here. What I love is that she hasn't changed a bit in the personality of her posts!I love that the band's pretty much all here, ha!

  3. I must say that when I first noticed that there were two bars showing near completion above, I really got excited thinking the second one was for the next Cayman Proxy book. Closer examination showed that KT had just split the next booking two…:( However, after more thought, I realized that I had already accepted that KT would either need two books or one extremely long one to properly pull things together for a proper ending.So, while I still hold hope she'll get back to CPro, in the near future, I still am salivating over the great ending she has planned for Nia, Geoff, Odie, Rocco,Dino, Maria and everyone else.

  4. KT, my meager congratulations on making it to the finish line on Part 7. I imagine that making it to that point is just as much psychological as it is practical.”I can't wait” comments are implied at this point, right?

  5. Proofing is done! The book has been submitted to Amazon now. It can take up to 72 hours to publish but it's usually around 8 in my experience.The good news is that the wait to the final book (and believe me, you'll want to read it, whew) will be much shorter. Possibly just a few days!

  6. My head almost fell off nodding so much while reading this exchange. Thanks so much for writing your thoughts. I'm happy that people can make sense of my characters the way I intended!Everything you've said here is perfect to me (to my interpretation of the story).One correction: The dollhouse would have been sub-contracted by Rocco to some fancy carpenter. Not done by Rocco. But the success of his landscaping is not just drive and pricing, he does have creativity…

  7. Might be 8 hours or do in Canada or the US but not here in the U.K. The anticipation is overwhelming, can't wait to see where you have taken Geoff Nia et al Hopefully lots of rough sex and cuckokd angst

  8. Wait!!! Obsessed 3 I loved the Obsessed series I has sad thought it was a dead series. Please continue.

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