I think this might be my favourite book so far in the series. Not sure why entirely, but I have fond feelings for it. It wasn’t easy. I had to take a break from it and then some things just came naturally to me. I felt like I had a real grip suddenly on Geoff and Nia.

Something has awakened in Nia. Her new enlightenment has opened her up, and maybe there’s others who have caught her scent. She’s been sending out signals without even knowing…

It has to be hard for a husband like Geoff—to have something so precious as Nia, knowing so many other men, stronger, more masculine types, want her and don’t respect his relationship with her. How could he ever really feel safe? Of course she loves him, but sometimes love only exists in a moment or a circumstance…



  1. Case in point on why KT is the best at what she does. What are the last 5 new titles under the Amazon search term 'hotwife' 'Whatever He Says' 'Training My Beta Male' ' Erotica: First Time Forbidden Entry' 'Erotica Short Stories' 'Threesome.'Maybe all of these are worth reading, but I'm not interested in the least.What will KT put out there? 'Temporal' A title with no doubt, some thought and a purpose. Look I enjoy Max Sebastian and Kenny Wright's work, I am not going to bash two titans of the genre, and it is just my opinion, but 'Out of His League' as a Hotwife Novel title, with their clout as writers no less? MehhhhBecause everyone knows I'm a nerd now, allow me to derive a meaning in KT's new title. Temporal can mean 'nonspiritual' or it can be a moment in time, it's also the title of a lobe in the brain that allows us to hear sound, which is interesting to think about in this topic, but I don't think it fits as much.For me the easiest way to look at it is through the first definition. Nia, Geoff, Rocco, and Dino are all engaging in amoral marriage behavior. Whatever value systems they all founded their marriages on are being challenged if not all together ripped to shreds. Maybe KT is hinting to us that marital matters are going to come to more of a head in this part.The other aspect of the definition of Temporal gets me much more intrigued, which includes 'terrestrial' or 'earthly' (also mundane, but nothing in this story is mundane so we can ignore that, šŸ™‚ ), with Odie's increased interest in outdoors and Nia's new 'Goddess Stone' gift, which is a Native American symbol of feminine energy, communication and compassion, maybe we're about to see Nia simplify her life and get back to reality, “Geoff this what I need out of life, this is the truth about the time frame around my pregnancy with Odie, and my hook up with Dino, and why I did it.” Meanwhile Geoff wants things to go back to normal, maybe even shack up out in a new place out in woods, be with his family. Odie wants to be outside more and more, and may not want to do the creative work of drawing. Unfortunately for Geoff, the females in his life might be going in different directions than he is. While his head is in the clouds with this fantasies, and the world he needs to create for his children's stories, Nia and Odie might want to be doing something very different.I'm talking out of my ass, but who cares KT is almost done!

  2. Wow, you are really wanting to tear into this book!! I don't deny that I am almost as bad, but I look at what Boswell and Wright do as really good stuff, but KT'S is different, certainly unique in the edginess, and the way she spends a lot of time “building” Her characters (part of her pool shark personal, and no I won't let that go).Anyway, we are just a day or two away from the next book, and it will likely hurt, a lot.

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