Taken, now with 100% more hockey!

Fun fact: I can’t write in first person!

I tried with this book, to see if I could do it. I had to do it in third then go back and edit it to first.

Anyway, this hot short is about a wife who just gosh darn loves big burly hockey players and she finds herself in a situation that is a little pulse-raising for her…

Her husband is right there when things get out of hand…but they’re all friends, right?

This is a hot one and I hope you like it!

29 thoughts on “Taken, now with 100% more hockey!

  1. KT– You nailed the description, a crazy, wild tale filled with a lot of mindless sex. Certainly nothing like the LHW in depth of characters or emotion, at least from my perspective.I did enjoy it though, always good to have some variety in what I read.2B=2H– Thinking again about my thoughts on the LHW2, and have some old/new thoughts on the potential plot twists, and how the “game board” may get flung into the air like an angry teenager might do (this brings back memories of playing RISK in the dorms back in college years ago).Anyway, I will finish some of these thoughts tomorrow while watching the snow blow around, and then all my super intelligent co-conspirators can rip up my logic for me.

  2. Teehee, this was cute. Synchronized foursomes! I am a personal big fan of the best friend angle so seeing that premise from our favorite writer got the engine revved.This is such a Canadian fantasy too, lol. Two minutes for roughing, and two more for high sticking! How come Marguerite didn't say “eh” even once? Nia did, come on!And not one moose! :)I learned tabernac is a cuss word in French, is that just common knowledge? I suppose it would help if I lived in a culture where French speakers predominate.Thanks for another lovely romp!

  3. Awesome—thank you! Glad you liked it. I want to do two more Best Friend stories. I like them as well.I enjoyed the Canadian aspect! She does say eh once! Monsieur Tough-Guy, eh to Nick, just after the fight. I use huh more because it sounds more French Canadian to me. huh is an approximation of what sounds more like enh. It's more accurate, to me, than eh. English Canadians tend to use eh more. Either way I try to lay a basework with those accents and then back off them a little. I hope a reader gets the point early then makes up the rest in their head as they read. Too much can get distracting or even annoying!Tabernac is such a bad word I was hesitant to use it. And it doesn't even really translate as bad…I thought I was ready for LHW2 after the Combine Taken but I still wasn't. This hockey one just came to me and I decided to do it til it was done. It did the trick! I wrote two of the more difficult (not emotionally, just from a writer's standpoint) scenes in the next LHW2 book. I am over the moon with how they turned out. That hockey story really hit my reset button.I wrote the tender scenes last night and I went past what I had intended to achieve with them. Now it's all smooth sailing. I'll be done before Xmas (I think!) but that's probably a bad time for a release so may hold off until the 27th.

  4. While reading, I eventually felt like i was hearing a French accented woman speak. I think that's nailing down a character's speech really well. I remember I joked around about Amy's accent in the past too, so I guess I'm a sucker for low hanging fruit jokes. Then, just as now, I was fond of your precision when it comes to nailing down the speech of your characters, and you often don't make that easy on yourself. Sometimes it's silly, but I think you know that, and said as much in past if I remember correctly. Other times its clear you're building a character profile. So glad you are having success with part 5, thanks for letting us know the latest!Im going to have to look up uses of the word tabernac, see what I find :).

  5. Thanks for the update KT, glad to hear your re-energized. The way you describe how you develop characters seems analogous to watching a really good pool player work the table. The initial break puts all of the characters in play, maybe one or two are balls that go into the pockets on the break, easy to set up for their part of the story. Then you walk around the table looking at each ball and beginning to pull together the strategy for when each ball will fit as you run the table. Like the great pool player each character you develop further sets up the next one in your run. Sometimes a shot doesn't get hit quite right, and then you go back and develop the next move.Finally, you get to the last one, and you sometimes play a harder shot just for fun (I think) like Pete doing a heroic transformation at the end of LHW1.All that said, I do think that LHW2 is going to be much different from LHW1. Sticking true to the title, at least one guy will actually lose his wife to another man.There are potentially a couple of possibilities with that, but the most probable in my mind is Geoff losing Nia, the question is to who?One might think that Rocco is the obvious winner of Nia, but I still have in the back of my mind that he fears his wife's reaction more than seems normal, unless she has some nefarious connections that would take him out if he crossed her and she found out? Just a thought.Dino is certainly another potential guy to make a play for Nia, particularly if she were to confirm his suspicion about Odie. Now that could really get emotionally painful for Geoff, not sure he (or myself for that matter) could take it. And he does have baggage with his wife and kids as well, whom he does seem to love.Winslow to me is a real wild card. So unassuming and quiet so far, and Odie seems quite taken with him. I could see him winning Nia if Rocco and Dino have to pull back for the above reasons.Unfortunately, assuming the “Lost Wife” of the title is Nia,she is in for a very rough time of it. She may like some of the physical roughness with Rocco (if he is the “winner” of Nia), but she will likely lose Odie in the bargain if she understands what is happening (she already is seeing friction developing with her mom). Obviously, Nia loses Geoff, particularly as the friend she can always depend on to help pick up the pieces when things go to hell.So, bottom line, I think that Nia will think about running off with Rocco, but fate will somehow step in to stop that from happening. Dino may make a run at getting her, but that would get really complicated fast. So, what other chain of events would be plausible? I think that Geoff will be drawn more and more into the business side of things, and Nia will likely fall for Winslow, which will also mean she keeps a close relationship with Odie as well. Geoff will lose them both, with extreme emotional pain, potentially offset by a new relationship with his editor due to the amount of time he will be spending with her in close quarters as he builds up his business.I really hope I'm wrong with that scenario, and I am hanging on to the hope that KT will look over the pool table and decide to go for that almost impossible shot just for grins… Only thing is, I haven't a clue right now what that would mean in the story.

  6. Excellent read Guhrka! A couple things I thought were really interesting points – one was Maria's posse, that's a damn good point. She might not settle for a tongue lashing, a few slaps to the face, and maybe a separation when she learns about what her husband's been doing, and Rocco I'm sure would be well aware of that fact. At first, I was just afraid for Nia if Maria finds out, Rocco would just face some emotional turmoil he would get over because of Nia and having his money, but now I'm thinking Rocco needs to be on his toes too in that case.I didn't think about how Odie would react to Rocco as the new man in her mother's life. I feel like a lot of work would need to be done by Rocco to get Odie on board with that happening. Odie probably does see what's going on to some extent too like you mention. “Mom pays more attention to those guys than she does us” (from the cottage scene in Montreal).Then again though, Nia has talked about the difference between living in the real world versus the fantasy world when thinking about Odie … she might have a hard lesson in the way adults work in the future. I don't know how that is going to play out, but either way it wouldn't be pretty, and Nia is in for as of a rough go of it as Geoff, agreed.I could see Dino stepping in when he hears that his brother is having an extra marital relationship with his ex. To me, that seems like his way in. Of course, it would kind of be hot if Nia makes the first move. Doesn't seem like she would though, although her resistance to the idea has to be razor thin. I think them getting together would get really complicated like you mentioned. If they do get together, Odie is bound to come up, and it just seems like Nia is coming slowly to the realization that she's Dino's.Winslow is really interesting, I'm skeptical that Nia would leave Geoff for him, but he has the potential to really mess everything up for that family and even Rocco and Dino. PS and you have me paying attention to that. He's close to the family, he knows Geoff's work and business acumen, if he starts to feel wronged by Geoff and gets vengeful, he's got a hell of lot of kindling to help burn things down (once he hears about what Geoff and Nia are up to of course, first).Random long term thought, Jenny and Geoff could become an item down the road, could Winslow interfere with that? Double cuckolding in one novel? That's pretty Neotrare. I go to some dark places, but I don't have confidence that this is in the future.I do think that if Winslow ends up with Nia, that there is A LOT more story ahead of us haha, but I suppose she could pull that off in the 3 (unofficial) parts.

  7. 2B=2H– An awful lot of what you said above fits with my general plot paths that pool shark KT could lead us down (new nickname, think it will stick?). One last thing about the potential of Geoff losing Nia to Winslow…. that is the only path where Geoff would truly lose her on his own by getting too tied up with his business and not being around home any more.All the other scenarios are more about someone actively “stealing” his wife from him. Might be splitting hairs a bit but I think you see the difference in the two situations.But in the end, I don't know nuthin', as I said once before.

  8. LHW2 thoughts – Questions I hope are answered in a week.Why did Nia break it off with Dino? What happened when she cheated?Will Geoff's and Nia's increased time demands push them apart, independent of what's happening with Rocco and Dino? Related (admittedly reaching into a specific thought here), would Geoff be too busy to go with Nia to Donna's wedding? Would Rocco dare go with her in his stead?Did Geoff really delete that video from Nia, or did Geoff leave himself vulnerable to Winslow finding out?

  9. I absolutely love the pool analogy!I do set everything up at the start. Have a good idea of what's going to happen but I don't know til that first break. And even then, I know a ball is going to go in a pocket, but I don't know necessarily know which one.I make a big mess and then I tidy up as best I can!

  10. I am guessing that the mess will be fully in place after the next book. Glad to see you have a few of us really thinking about how you will “run the table” on us in the next few books. Looks like things are going to get pretty grim, pretty fast.Also, for KT, 2B=2H, PS, and all the rest of the people I interact with on this site… have a Merry Christmas and Holiday season, keep safe, and looking forward to our future discussions

  11. Oh I have my guesses on the meaning, but admittedly they're pretty straight forward. I do remember a specific mention to the 'sanctity' of marriage by Nia in reference to how her friends would look at what Nia and Geoff are doing. That conversation was a big reason for my comments in the other thread about Nia's network.

  12. Sorry! It won't be. It will be a few days still. I'm with family unexpectedly atm, finding time to work has proven difficult. Sanctity is edited though, I can do that on an iPad while I sit anywhere. There's a few scenes that need to be finished. Just a few thousand words that I can bang out once I'm back in the office and I will be officially done. Won't say a day because that just gets me in trouble but it won't be very long at all, I swear! And there's nothing ever wrong with being a guy excited about when my book comes out! It would suck if nobody cared, ha ha.

  13. How dare you put family first! It's not like it's the holidays and they are flesh and blood or anything. Get to it! :)I'll always be excited about when the books are coming out, but I know that's something that's subject to change. As long as your not annoyed fielding that question, I'm sure it'll bubble out of me in the future lol.

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