I have two different covers for this latest book and I was wondering if I could bother you for an opinion. It would be much appreciated!

Once again, your answers aren’t public and discussions are in the comments if you have something you’d like to say!


  1. Let's see, a hot looking woman's booty shot, or a built guy with a football. I would pick the one of Corralee, but the larger question for me in trying to help you snag a new reader, which works best? I still think Corralee would get more initial readers if they were male, and probably with first time women as well. Just a gut feel, without any analytics to back it up.

  2. Ha ha, like I said, I make mistakes! I'm still learning. Taken/Honeymoon saw my most female messages and mailing list signups so I was curious to see what would happen if I put a man on the cover…

  3. I wouldn't call it a mistake. Actually, the original cover for Combine did give an idea of a really big bad boy image, which was what the story was about. My comments were more from the perspective of what would catch the eye of someone who had little familiarity with your work.Really like your inquisitive approach to get new readers. I think your greatest appeal would be getting new readers to take a look at the blogs for your books. Your interactions with your readers is something really unique and creates deeper connections that most authors can only dream about.

  4. Okay… Who all wants to guess what KT is cooking up for the next release of LHW2 (looks like her progress bar says that is her next release)?Just looking for our guesses at the general plot line. Sitting around waiting will just drive us nuts, this way we can get into some interesting discussions again.My guess is that this will be the climax of the series, and the emotional pain for both myself and the characters will hit the wall. Biggest question is how Odelle will handle it all, assuming she figures it all out.At the end of this next release, I expect to be in a cold sweat (of course that could be due to the sub-zero weather outside too). Geoff will likely be a wreck, really battered and bruised emotionally. My biggest question is what will happen with Dino and Rocco by the end of this next one.I am really interested in everyone else's best guess. Makes the time go faster if nothing else, better than shoveling snow anyway!!

  5. I keep cheering for The Cayman bar to move as well. At some point I may pull together my thoughts on where the next release of CP is going too. Probably will need to check it out in my KU account to refresh what has happened again, so KT will get to sell it to me for the third time now.

  6. Look for another Taken book next! It’s already done and should be out in a few days.I estimate, at this time, that there will be three more LHW2 books. Around 100,000 words. The book I was writing has a great scene but it needs building up. While I was writing the buildup I realized something I had’t seen before. The build up grew and grew and now it’s become something else and it needs its own book. I’m excited about it. There are great scenes I can’t believe I hadn’t thought to add. I woke up the last two nights and grabbed my phone, started writing snippets of conversation and ideas and just hoped they made sense in the morning. 2B2H was saying I should slow down, now I see why…I’m smelling some roses here…I hope you’ll be in a cold sweat—I am!

  7. Oh wow! I've been watching that progress bar intently, harboring a concern that maybe things were getting real rough on you, KT. Well it sounds like not only are you inspired to write (maybe you're just powering through the pain), but you've even written something else entirely!I LOVE the tense build-ups, it must be a huge moment if it needs one! Your excitement is mine, too! I'm glad you're taking the time you need, what you've written to this point has PLENTY to keep the overactive mind occupied. This story has been hard not to think about.Is KT the hardest working author in Erotica? I think so!

  8. Thanks 2B2H! I try real hard but I have compatriots to whom I pale. One only sleeps 4 hours broken up in small chunks through a 24hr period. I work hard but I ain't crazy!

  9. Ha ha! I'm cheering for it too—I was thinking about it a lot yesterday, trying to figure out what my 2017 is going to look like.FWIW authors are only paid once per reader in KU. If you take a book and read it to the end the author is paid in full and you can read that book a hundred times and that won't change. You can get rid of it, download it later, and the author isn't paid any more.Not griping at all, it's a very fair system and I think it works well. And I want you to read it a million times and enjoy it!

  10. Well, fine. That's a pretty hard worker, but I think there's a balance of quality and quantity displayed that makes what you've done hard to surpass.A full-length novel, 3 halves (more or less) of novels/series, and six shorts (one mini short in Cherry Blossoms). The strong possibility of one more short and part of a series still yet to come soon (I hope I didn't miss anything). The average length of each part being probably 60-70 pages in length (just guessing). There are some authors that put out similar quantities of stories within a given time frame, but don't have near the length of the stories on average. An author can put out 4 20 page stories in the span of a month, but what did they really write? Just my opinion.That leads me to the other point. Yes the stories all have the same broad theme, so that kind of narrows down the parameters of the plot, but in terms of the who, the why, the how, the 'and then what happened?' and the detail describing it, these stories are among the most intriguing, deep, and creative that I've encountered.When coupled together, that's why I'm a regular contributor to this blog! You've quite the body of work in 2016!I'm done brown nosing for now.

  11. Guhrka – to answer your question a bit (because you know I have thoughts) I think we're approaching something big, but it might not be the climax, that might not be for another part.In terms of what specifically happens, I don't want to say what, I guess I kind of want to see if I'm right. I think what happens in this story will be largely things that have been foreshadowed in previous parts. Not just the Geoff's premonition's I'm obsessing over which I think start to come in to play, the biggest ones coming in a later part(s), but one of the things Nia fantasizes about as well.One thing I've been thinking about is Nia's network and the effect they will have on her. Nia is going against the grain compared to her friends. All of them adore and respect Geoff, but none of her friends would probably go for a guy like Geoff. He's a Mangia-Cake, and don't really fit the mold of a manly guy like they all go after.Which leads me to think, given what what we know about their views on marriage fidelity and manhood, how are they going to react when they (inevitably) find out about Rocco and Nia? Or maybe Dino and Nia … or Dino, Rocco, and Nia lol ok you get the point.Two things are likely to happen, one is, the respect that they have for Geoff is probably gone. They'll all feel bad for him on some level I'm sure, but they probably won't understand him and ultimately think less of him. Nia might get defensive about it, but she's just like these ladies in so many ways. In the end, she'll probably agree that this is fucked up.The other thing that is likely to happen is that they will really give it to Nia for destroying Rocco and Maria's marriage (possibly Dino and Stacey's too). Ang might have her back, but everyone else will think she's a slut and some will probably hate her for it.The one wildcard for me is I'm wondering what Nia's parents think of the type of man who Nia should be with? I don't think anything has been written about her mom and dad. Nia has said a few things that indicate that she had a good childhood (even the thing she said about Odie being probably just like her and making Geoff upset like she did her father growing up, seems to indicates a normal upbringing, probably). The last thing we want to hear about in an erotica is what mom and dad think LOL, but I think their opinion might be an indicator of where Nia's heart lies.As much as people like to act independent, we're all social animals that are influenced by people important to our lives. I think Nia's friends and family will not like that Geoff and Nia have done this to their marriage, and that little voice in the back of Nia's head that they planted there will help her to agree.

  12. 2B=2H–I will write a bit more tomorrow. You do bring up some really good points, but I am still not so sure that Geoff will turn out the way you suggest,just something in my gut suggest that KT has a bit wilder path in mind.That being said, I always say that,unlike most authors, I almost never get the plot totally right with KT's LHW plots. It's almost un-nerving at times. Maybe I just am always too optimistic about her characters' behaviors.

  13. Thank you 2B2H!I like novelty, and I strive to communicate it. Characters that seem real but are different than what you might be used to. It's engaging to me because I want to find out more about them…that leads to the work being long. Novelty and personal discovery, I guess. Characters need to transform and that takes time! Plus I'm long-winded.I'm so, so glad that it's appreciated!

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