Taken 2

A second Taken While He Watches is now available!

Another young couple, similar to Ken and Ashley, this time the couple finds themselves lucky invitees to a football combine. There’s a wardrobe malfunction by a star prospect. Shontavius Jackson is six-five, three-twenty and he is a super-athlete. The young wife will go to great lengths to get an exclusive interview…

Anyway, this is funny, dirty, but mostly light-hearted and I wrote it quite fast to give myself a much-needed Nia and Geoff break. It was the right thing at the right time because while I wrote Taken 2 I plotted like crazy and now that this Taken book is out I can’t wait to get deep into the next LHW2 book…

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I know! It's hard to predict how long it will sit with Amazon before it is reviewed and approved. It can be quick or it can take a looong while. No way to predict. Although my last two publishes were done Thanksgiving Day and Election Day and I was approved in an hour! Every one else had more important things to do those days! (I'm in Canada)Anyway, Taken 2 is approved, Publishing right now, will show up on the site in about an hour.Hope you all like it! I've had a great day today back with my old friends Geoff and Nia…

KT–Thanks, finally got it downloaded and read this book. Your comments above were right on target. Not near as much to keep track of on this story, and the “KT edginess” level was not plowing up the back of my mind as I read. I enjoyed it as a change of pace, and it's great to hear you got to relax a bit with it.

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