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I’ll soon be closing in on a million words I’ve written on this subject matter and I’ve generally told stories the way I want to tell them. That won’t change!

I’ll always tell about these couples in the way that I feel suits them, but I do wonder what my closest fans are looking for. This won’t shape my next story but it will absolutely help me form my ideas.

If you have the time I would really appreciate your input! Your results are not public. Discussions in the comments if you’re so inclined…


  1. KT–Thanks for taking our input like this. I do prefer one thing you didn't ask about that I think really can charge up you audience. I really go for some type of heroic ending in some way, kind of an underdog going above and beyond what he would have done in character. A tripping point, if you will that allows him to see things in a totally new perspective (maybe even some raw courage in the face of extreme Danger).Yeah, I am a sucker for happy endings too. I remember hoping for that in LHW1, but you didn't quite go there explicitly. You probably could have guessed all this about me from my many past comments.Thanks again for asking. Pretty special.

  2. Agree wholeheartedly Guhrka. KT could take an approach of her way or the highway, so it's nice she gives us a 'choose your own adventure type' thing.I'm kind of the opposite of Guhrka on endings, lol. So I guess if you take our input into account, both of us could be surprised. I like that the crux of this survey is relational, I.e. how do the husband, wife, and bull look and interact. Very fun.Admittedly I feel like I went more middle of the road on my answers, but I would not be disappointed if any of the routes were taken to be completely honest.

  3. This is a great idea. It's a very kind and thoughtful gesture to take into account the prevailing tastes of your fans. I agree with 2B=2H on the endings. I've read my share of erotica with happy endings, and at this point they seem forced and unrealistic. A story that is more strongly grounded in reality may be disturbing, but I find it more gratifying in the long run. The depth of feeling – including sexual awakenings, love, pain, and jealousy – in NTR-type stories stays with you, long past the point than it would were the denouements happy ones. These stories force you to look inwardly and ask yourself why you're so affected by what you've read. Continuing with the subject of realism, I find it hard to suspend disbelief when the bull has “equipment” so large that it borders on the freakish. I mean, really – how many men in human history have had a “tool” with the girth of a beer can? Even if a few examples could be produced, it would be anatomically impossible to such men to engage in intercourse without sending their partners to the hospital. I also have some flexibility about the variables of a story, short of a product that is so sickly sweet that you'd get diabetes from the title alone. There are far too many of these stories as it is, so it makes sense to broaden the field of choice with darker themes.

  4. KT, thanks for doing this survey. I did it just now. Having the option to only click one answer for each question, I did that. But I wouldn't want to suggest I like the same thing every time I read erotica. Variety is the spice of life. You have been quite imaginative in coming up with different situations, characters and milieus for your cuckold stories, and that's a big part of their success. Pete and Jess, Kate and Mitch, Nia and Geoff are all very different, and the Finch book is quite different altogether. (Here's a vote for you to return eventually to both “The Cayman Proxy” and “Obsessed”.)The really nasty cuckoldry of, say, the loser Pete and his once nice-girl wife Jess, worked well there, but I wouldn't want the same thing again and again. I like the complexity of “The Cayman Proxy”, with a husband wealthy enough to secretly provide a dominant lover for his wife, but with his own baggage and the relationship with his wife's BFF. Some formalized femdom think featuring cages and such might be fun, but only once. While in erotica I generally like couples I can relate to – middle-class people, reasonably educated and intelligent – I liked the way you do the voices of the young working-class Southern couple that become Finch's long-term focus in “Obsessed”. What I'm saying is there's no formula, and you're successful so far because you've avoided one. Don't let the survey results cramp your creativity.This isn't letting me sign in through Amazon; I have reviewed numerous of your stories there under the name Libertyne.

  5. Ah, I see you've actually got your progress posted on the next installments of “The Cayman Proxy” and “Obsessed”. Excellent! – Libertyne

  6. You're more than welcome! I appreciate everyone taking the time to let me know. Technically its for selfish reasons that I'm asking, ha ha, so no thanks necessary.I'd like time to do some research on what other writers are doing to see if there's something I'm missing but I barely have time to read–too busy writing. Plus I find these stories tough to read. I picked up Arnica Butler's latest and ten pages in I had to stop because my hands were sweating and my heart was racing. Same with Matthew Lee, bought a book of his and it is sitting on my phone and I'm afraid to read it. Then I wondered if there were a way I could just ask instead.I like happy endings too. When they can happen they will. I know we went over this a few months ago, ha ha, but Pete was pretty heroic. He didn't judo chop Tyler in the neck or anything but he did what he could to win and it took guts.There's multiple endings for LHW2 and I won't know til I get there what's going to happen. I have a structure and I make waypoints but sometimes the characters overshoot them and take me to unexpected places. I dictated one a month ago and I couldn't talk because I was all weepy. 2B2H should be happy. But we'll have to see! Maybe Geoff will judo chop Rocco…

  7. Glad you had fun with the survey…it was so helpful I might get addicted to them. It can't be my way or the highway, ha ha. It can but then people just don't read. Like Obsessed.Mostly what I learned from the survey is that I was on the right track. You all seem to like what I do. I get a lot of emails asking for something very specific but I don't know if that's one person or if I'm missing the mark in general. Some are pretty adamant so I wanted to be sure. I won't use this survey like market research. I didn't ask because I want to shape the most mathematically perfect story, ha ha. I just didn't want to step on a landmine. Like have a bull with a tiny one. Seems obvious but I can make mistakes ha ha.

  8. Thanks PS. My thoughts on the endings are that they should be realistic. And often times that will mean they're sad or tragic. That's life. I think it adds tension to a story because the stakes are high for you as a reader. I feel like it gives the story value. I know a lot of readers want that HEA label before they even read and I get it, that's cool. They know what they want.Can you imagine if you wanted a fun sexy read and then at the end the cute schoolteacher mom ran off with her boyfriend and got pregnant? This is lame but when I wrote the last line of LHW, I was pretty shook up. Laughing at the same time, because I wasn't able to read it out loud without busting up, then had to stay away from the page for days. But, hard as it is, these are the stories I want to tell. Despite that, I find LHW to be generally positive. Though, more recently, I've been seeing Jess in a different light. I'm re-reading it and editing so I can do a paperback and a one click e-novel. I see why a lot of people hated her. I used to be on her side, ha ha.IMO there's never been someone with literal beercan girth. Rocco and Omar are my largest characters and even they are realistically freakish. And, just like the endings, certain things come with repercussions. You are very right. Hospitalization from size is a reality. Ask Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. (Don't really ask her, ha ha, it's probably rude!) I love characters dealing with consequences…But, it's important for Nia to stress to Geoff that size isn't that big a deal. Large is good enough. These husbands ought to concern themselves with their wife's lovers abs, sense of humour, masculinity, earning potential, hand size…Husbands like JJ who only see penis size are missing the big picture…

  9. Is it me? My new book has a different look to it and I haven't claimed it yet, ha ha. I'm afraid to claim it, waiting to see what the verdict is.It's funny and has a long introduction before the sex and it gets mildly zany too. I had such a blast with it but since its not much like my normal stuff and its genre also attracts non-KT fans I'm wary of having it on my page with a bunch of angry low-star reviews.I've checked, and I haven't seen any books out there with my name that aren't mine…unless I'm missing something…

  10. Yes! I'm very familiar with your reviews. The thought and insight you have put into some of them have really shaped my work.The reviews for LHW1, where you describe the drab milieu, no billionaires, aggressively humdrum and anything-but-sexy average-American setting etc, made me think, Hey somebody gets it! (Back then I wasn't being read by many) It also put your words into my head as a theme. It sets my mind on a course. Same with Cayman Proxy. One of my first good reviews that came in and you compared it to The Rites Of Spring. Seriously, I try really hard, maybe too hard and when I read someone pinpoint something like that, it means everything. That review again clarified a theme for me and you can see it in Rennaissance.The results I gather from this survey won't change a thing, really. Not in the grand scheme of things. It will just bolster my writing is all. I still thrive on conflict and loss and masculinity challenged. And for the woman I love masculinity being delivered. That will stay the same.I love your reviews for Obsessed. Obsessed is by far my favourite book. To me it is my best writing, has my best characters, my best, strongest voices, has the most powerful sex scenes. To me it was perfect. I was in love with it. But something went wrong. The people who read it enjoy it, but its not getting read. It practically tanked my name. My ranking plummeted and that drags everything with it. So it's troubling to know in your heart that you've created a fine product, one you believe in, one you're confident in, then it wobbles. Maybe it's the cover, maybe its the blurb. I changed that, but it's probably too late. Point is I want to learn more and more. I believe strongly in my books. I want the right people to read them and I want to avoid costly mistakes at the same time. I have good stories for the right readers and I want a long relationship where I can do what I want to do and make people satisfied at the same time.That said, Obsessed will continue. So will Cayman Proxy. I need to tell those character's stories. Kiley is a favourite. Gretch too. I'll re-package Obsessed or something. All this stuff is tricky and I just started. I will figure it out!Thanks again for doing the survey and for taking the time to leave such careful reviews.

  11. Hey Libertyne – want to let you know how much I appreciate your reviews! Your (and now PS') interests and point of view have been a major reason why I pick up many of the stories I have on Amazon. Very much appreciated!I also agree with Libertyne that despite my options, the thing that I really like about KT is that she takes a fairly well established kink and takes us so many (surprisingly) unique ways with it. I really just want that to continue more than anything.Good to know about Obsessed (I know you've already mentioned that CPro is on the docket), because I did enjoy that story very much as well.

  12. I continue to be impressed by the readers that comment here. While we represent a lot of diversity of what we look for, you seem to appeal to us all in some way.Most of all, I found someone else that is pushing you on Cayman (thanks Libertyne)!! Just kidding a bit here. I found your comments on Obsessed interesting…Totally agree with you on the character development part, it was really done well. Maybe there were too many characters/subplots or something. While they all fit in, it did make things seem to move slower (I typically read your writing so fast that I didn't think about it till just now).I still have a couple of ideas you might like sometime when things slow down(if ever). Have a great weekend if you see this before it's past, but in that case, next weekend.

  13. I've read some of Arnica Butler's work, Max Sebastian's, and a few others as well. You are certainly in a class with the best on your writing, but also stand out to me because of how you interact with us on a regular basis. Really makes you special in that regard.

  14. Thanks for seeking input. You should always feel free to write what speaks to you, but I appreciate the chance to influence things just a little bit. Like others here I always appreciate happy endings and do hope we get there with Nia and Geoff. I do think Jess/Pete got a relatively happy ending; I picture that Pete came back with the kids on Monday, and now the Mapplethorpes are in Cleveland happy together with the new baby. But maybe that's just what I want to see.As for stories, the one thing I always thought might be interesting was a story where the alpha/bull was just a regular guy in almost every aspect, including size, if you know what I mean. In so many stories, the bull is the well hung bad boy who in the end isn't a good relationship match for the wife. What if he was a down to earth, nice caring guy in every aspect, and then happened to be great in bed and someone the wife clicks with both in and out of bed. How would the cuckold husband react; how would the wife?To me, that might be the ultimate test of a relationship, a guy who might be a better partner for the wife both in every aspect, not just sexually. So if I'm voting that would be the type of story that would really intrigue me.

  15. I've been sitting on this post for a little bit now and thanks to PS for encapsulating much quicker what I want to say. I want to amend my statement that I like 'bad endings' essentially, that was a crass statement that is only partly true. True in that I enjoy the drama KT has produced, the heart wrenching fear in moments like the end of 'Advent', when Kate considers killing Omar, or when Geoff realizes what Nia is into. Side note – I felt real tension when Rocco responded to the noise he heard Geoff make downstairs … phew!More than anything at all, I enjoyed how believable those situations were when they happened in the story. As a reader, I understood what led Jess and Tyler to confess their love of one another, why Kate HAD to do something about Omar, and why Geoff felt the terror he experienced when seeing how Nia gets when she received something so out of the realm of his capabilities.I'm not interested in all bad things happening to good naive people like my short sentence might look, but as PS said above, I want to believe what I'm reading. When a husband exposes his wife to experiences with another man that are physically (size, strength, attractiveness), mentally (social status, confidence, life skills), and emotionally (passionate, tenderness, support) more fulfilling with another man, how does it follow that a wife character can just throw that away easily with no afterthought? In all of KT's stories, she's presented us with repercussions. Situation/circumstances that are beautiful and ugly. Heart-pounding and uplifting. Sexy and disgusting. Funny and deadly serious. I just want KT to keep doing what she is doing, toeing the line between the fantastic and the real. Presenting to us what the real world her characters live in could look like if they decide to take a dangerous step forward.

  16. I'm admittedly quite an erotica fan within this genre now. I've read at least a little bit on just about everyone that KT's author page suggests. In my opinion she's the best, and it is true that she is very interactive, which is great! Also good because she's the only author I've actually wanted to reach out to. Glad that worked out so well.

  17. One follow up thought. KT – can you elaborate on how 'Obsessed's' readership effects your author reputation? Is it really just if no one reads something, you look worse? I suppose that makes sense that would happen. Not that it is deserved AT ALL, Obsessed is fantastic. I hope you have enough peripheral success to help give you enough support to keep doing that story without fear of losing that rep.

  18. KT, it was interesting reading about your motivation for writing these LHW stories. You're quite right in that they create high stakes for the reader, who simply can't help but get emotionally invested in the story and in the characters. There's one thing I'd like to clarify – I've never thought your male bull characters were endowed to a nearly supernatural degree; it was other authors to whom I was referring (e.g. Matthew Lee). You do a good job in this respect of stopping short just shy of the line between amazing and incredulous. In addition, I agree that it's less sexy for the woman to have a singular focus on the bull's genitalia. This cheapens her, makes her character more shallow and therefore less compelling. As many cuckolds in these stories have observed, the most difficult thing to take is not always the most obvious. More specifically, seeing the woman you adore passionately kiss her lover and share a laugh with him can be more painful than watching the two of them engage in window-rattling sexual congress. I liked 2B=2H remarks in his final paragraph regarding repercussions and all the conflicting emotions that follow in their wake. These stories can take a lot out of you, but I think they are valuable in their staying power in your memory and heart. After all – and I may have said this in the past – many people will watch a sad movie or a Shakespearean tragedy (e.g. Romeo and Juliet) that will leave them a blubbering mess at the end, but those painful emotions demand exploration, and this is best done in the hermetically sealed confines of fiction and fantasy.

  19. Oh, 2-A-Days! Yes, I was thinking of the new book. 2-A-Days is a stepbrother book I wrote a while ago under a different name. I just moved it over and put my name on it recently…

  20. 2B2H—When Obsessed was under-read my author ranking declined. Then went lower. When that happens Amazon stops showing my book to people who might like it. Less people discover me and try me out. When my rank is high Amazon's bots take my covers and put them in front of people who like other books in the same vein. And it's hard to promote erotic work so I really rely on exposure.

  21. PS—Thanks! I do like to explore female fascination with other traits and have the husband discover her true desires. I think when a husband sees his wife as a human being and not a large-organ-socket that's when the emotions hit. When she admires another man's hands, income, lips, hair, butt…that's when his heart should start racing! Penis is too obvious, LOL. And when she kisses him, hoo wow.I remember your review where you said that…about some people wanting to watch horror or love stories or white people movies (where we watch someone deal with a terminal illness). For whatever reason, even though it's a negative emotional response, it has its rewards. I hope my stories make people mad, sad, throw their stupid kindle. That's awesome. The last few books of LHW1 got some low star reviews because of Jess' choices. While I didn't like the 2 stars I did laugh out loud and was very tickled to hear the genuine anger and frustration in his review. That's a good feeling when you see someone has invested their heart in your story!

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