My favourite hotwife stories are ones that consider the viewpoint of the wife. I like when things get messy and complicated.

It’s a fun fantasy to think of a husband urging his wife to experiment with another man and do it for him. I like stories that throw a spanner in that well-oiled, straight-line dream.

A woman has a mind of her own and fantasies of her own. When a man opens up his inner darkness to his loving wife it gives her license to reveal to him what her inner darkness might be. That’s how couples share, right? That’s equality. That’s love.

Maybe the husband gets what he wants. Witnessing his beautiful wife engaged in hot passion with another man. That tickles him. Is he prepared to see his wife getting what she wants? He better be. If he’s not selfish.

Fantasies come with a price.

PS: <<coincidentally, thanks to PS for the contribution of this book's title. I was editing and nothing was coming yet. I knew what I wanted, (won't discuss it here, for fear of spoilers) but somehow PS hit a bullseye with a blindfold on.  Heh, blindfold. Another coincidence.



  1. Another wow for this work. I liked the way you put this one together, even giggled a bit about the thought of the mention of Frankenstein's monster.This book really left the remaining plot wide-open, not that I can figure out where KT's mind goes before she dishes up the next book.Worth the wait.

  2. Wow! I'm honored, KT, that you adopted my suggestion of how to entitle Book 4. In your latest post, I liked your referral to the “inner darkness” of both the male and female protagonist. Perhaps there's the title of the next installment in the series? I'm very much looking forward to reading your latest magnum opus.

  3. I typically feel like waiting until the story is out for a little while before I start diving into my thoughts, but fuck it, we're all superfans here that already read it. Spoiler(ish) alert. If you haven't read it yet, don't read any further.I think there are three major developments in this story. One is that Geoff finally “gets” Nia. Or at least he got to see her express herself sexually in the way she truly wants to express herself. A week ago, I posted a thought that “fantasies don’t exist in a vacuum.” I was trying to say, in a clever way, that there are real people involved with their own motives, and real physical/emotional/mental thoughts and behaviors at play that are not entirely clear to us when we fantasize. What’s clear, after reading KT’s post and seeing how Geoff is grappling with Rocco and Nia’s coupling in Odie’s room, is that I should have said the complete opposite, fantasies DO exist in a vacuum. Now that Nia and Geoff's fantasies are unleashed into the world, we can now see what could be a source of serious conflict for our characters. Geoff experienced so many emotions seeing Nia sexually herself – scared, empathetic, angry, shocked, and above all turned on beyond belief at what he witnessed. The title is very fitting! Geoff cannot even comprehend the event that unfolded in front of him, causing that cascade of different emotions. He’s chosen to land on just trusting Nia and his balls to interpret this Rorschach test of their relationship. “Don’t ask why, just get me.” This could cause problems, but right now it’s clear that Geoff and Nia still absolutely love each other for their sexuality. He is still who she turns to in order to feel better about her sex life. Every stage of revealing herself sexually to Geoff has been expressed with guilt, constantly measuring his opinion of her after she opens up more. Now, Nia knows (or is at least convinced) that he can accept her for who she is, so the flood gates have opened. Remember, this ogre can swim :).This leads to another major development – Rocco and Nia are getting more comfortable getting each other off. The pretense of remaining faithful to their respective spouses is no longer an obstacle slowing each other down, they only need to figure out ways to keep Maria from finding out (while Nia pretends that Geoff doesn’t know). Side note, I find it pretty hot that Nia and Geoff are pretending Geoff doesn’t know about it, it’s going to be interesting to see what issues arise as they keep that up. Going forward, Nia and Rocco have given each other the green light to do any manner of nasty things to the other, and take themselves to new heights. We all learned that Rocco was a good lay from Nia’s perspective, now we hear it more from Rocco that he’s really into Nia, too.The final major development is that Nia continues to accumulate experiences behind Geoff’s back. While she finally told Geoff what really happened in Montreal, she decided to remain cagey about other things like “I used my hand,” leaving out a lot of dirty talk and deeds that would better explain what happened in the truck. She concludes to herself that she would continue to let Geoff know a little bit about what she does, but not everything. It’s clear there is a lot going through Nia’s mind that she does not want Geoff to know about.On the subject of things Geoff can’t know about, we learn a bit about Odele’s appearance. Leaving us to ponder, did she get that more from mom … or dad? It does seem like Dino may play a bigger factor in the next book or beyond.More thoughts later!

  4. After thinking about things further, and letting my imagination move to a broader view, I am beginning to think that Wesley may be the linchpin to everything going to pieces, and Geoff actually losing Nia, and perhaps Odelle, to another man. I think that Wesley is beginning to know more about what is happening between Nia and Geoff, and he has begun to develop a really close relationship with Odele. It seems like Rocco and Nia are starting to get sloppy in covering their tracks, and leaving Rocco open to someone like Wesley blackmailing him to get him out of the picture. Add that to Geoff potentially being out of town for significant amounts of time, leaving Wesley to develop a closer relationship with Odele and Nia.Since I almost never get the plot figured out before KT weaves her story, take this with a grain of salt. But it does handle some of my Kay questions about how everything could work out.

  5. True, Winslow being around so much gives him unique access to potentially see first hand the weird goings on of Nia and Geoff, but i think as a third party ally to set Geoff straight if things get out of hand (have they already?). You're right that the potential to be caught looks very possible given the quick call to action that was needed to get Winslow out of there in this episode. Will they be as lucky in the future?I'm interested in Jenny ' s character too, mostly from Nia's perspective. I think Nia feels guilty about what she does a lot. Would she try to pull a Kate/Kiley from CPro in order to remove that guilt and have carte blanche to do whatever she wants with Rocco (or Dino who still looms large)? Or could Jenny become a love interest to dejected Geoff after the going gets rough for Nia and Geoff?

  6. PS/2B=2H– Odd that no other comments have appeared yet. Maybe everyone is waiting for KT to tell us we will just have to wait and see what happens in the next book.This one probably wrung her out a bit emotionally and probably does need a break,before she get into THE NEXT CAYMAN book, not that I am keeping track!!!

  7. When KT gets back to CPro part 7, she'll probably dedicate it you lol. The status bar has her moving onto LHW2 part 5 already (early stages). If she's taking a break she clearly has an idea.

  8. I just posted a review of this book at amazon.com. It contains my observations about the story as well as my predictions of what direction it will take. One thing that Guhrka observed that I didn't consider was the potential involvement of Winslow. Were he to gain full knowledge of Geoff's and Nia's unorthodox lifestyle, he could ruin Geoff's chances at fame and success. Even further, with Winslow's own prodigious talents in Geoff's field, he could totally undercut Geoff and take his place in the spotlight.I also agree that Nia and Rocco are getting sloppy. Geoff is as well, as demonstrated by his near discovery by Rocco in the closet. I definitely see a confrontation looming in which Geoff pees himself in Rocco's intimidating presence. This won't go over well with Nia, who will be further pushed back to the Dark Side. One other thing I noticed was that Nia didn't defend her husband after Rocco insulted him in Odele's bedroom. That had to sting, even though no mention is made of Geoff's reaction to that exchange. Perhaps it's bubbling in his subconscious and will explode in the next installment.Finally, 2B=2H has a good point about the potential involvement of the Jenny character. Perhaps she will act as a foil to Winslow when (and if) the latter plots to bring Geoff down. Perhaps she and Geoff will become romantically involved. There are so many directions this tempestuous tale can go. It will be very interesting to learn what decisions KT makes about its final trajectory and denouement.

  9. I like how colorful your review is PS. I also think your points are very interesting to consider. The points I agree with are your thoughts that there are a lot of things happening in Geoff’s life that changing how he sees the world, and it isn’t just with Nia’s rediscovered sexual side. The dam metaphor is fitting too from the perspective of their relationship.Both Guhrka and you agree that Winslow will be a problem for Geoff, maybe I’m reading too much into how cool he was when he knew he was getting kicked out for some Nia and Geoff time, or how much Winslow adores his family? I feel like Geoff and Winslow both need each other as partners, but I can see how the increased workload on Winslow’s shoulders could start to build some resentment towards Geoff. When he finds out about what Geoff and Nia are doing behind closed, it really makes me wonder what he might do under those circumstances. I could see Winslow going off and starting his own career and leaving Geoff behind, too. I can imagine that the timing of that type of decision would be particularly devastating to Geoff given other potential developments that will likely unfold concurrently.I do admit that I’m torn here, I may be kind of searching for an ally for Geoff, while part of me wants no mercy for his naivety.I also agree that Dino makes a lot more sense at the moment for Nia to develop a emotional component to an extramarital relationship, which is a plus for Nia when thinking about what she wants in males. Maybe the total package is with Dino. I just wonder if Rocco is slowly breaking down in terms of how much he cares for Nia. There are a couple micro-interactions that seem to indicate that he is starting to really care about her. First of all, more brutally displayed, someone beat up Sebastian. That had to be Rocco because we know how he reacted after she lied about what happened the night of the Bachelorette Party. His moment of mercy looking over Nia and releasing her bond wrists, and helping hide the evidence of their romp. It’s moments like these (and others) that make me think Rocco is a bit more than one-dimensional as he was described. Possible moment of symbolism, although maybe in my own mind, who replaces Odie’s, a completely innocent bystander in this situation, reading lamp? Is it Geoff, ever the fixer, or does Rocco step up first, and become the fixer?My recurring nasty thought from the beginning. What if a competition over Nia isn’t Geoff against the world, but Rocco vs. Dino? Rocco did say that Nia should sleep with Dino too though, which I thought sounded weird, but pushed further the opening door to Dino’s re-entry into Nia’s love life. Maybe once Nia sinks her loving claws into Rocco’s cold heart, he might start to think otherwise about her with Dino? I do think we’re entering into threesome territory with the two of them though, so possessiveness would be REALLY interesting in that moment.My other point of disagreement is that you might be a little too harsh on Geoff, and I don’t think he should “step aside” for the other men. Only because I think that you (I have fallen victim to this bias too) might be utilizing too much of the other information we have available to us from Nia’s perspective and just knowing what KT is capable of, lol. I think you’re opinion isn’t wrong, especially if you truly are looking at it with Geoff's level of knowledge, because clearly Geoff knows his deficiencies, and might already feel confidently enough that Nia ultimately does not want a man with those deficiencies, but we know that both deeply love each other still. Wholeheartedly from what I can tell. What will be interesting to me going forward is that Nia will utilize Geoff’s fantasy (who she wants to please still above all at this time, in my opinion) as a demonstration of their love, but we all know where that is likely to lead her. Away from Geoff.

  10. Some really interesting analysis by both of you (PS/2B=2H). I think this kind of interaction makes KT energized, at least it used to months back when I started reading her blog.I will say that she rarely “wastes” the interactions and situations she puts her characters into, somewhat like building a new story into the overall tapestry of the story. I am coming more and more to believe that Winslow is going to have a major impact in the near future, probably by removing Rocco from the picture with the threat of blackmail with Rocco's wife (who Rocco seems to have a real fear Of). If Nia were to be forced to leave her job with Rocco and come back home and work with Winslow while Geoff is off for weeks at a time, Winslow will have the opportunity to seduce her (which doesn't seem to the much, given her an Goeff's relationship). Since he is already getting closer and closer to Odelle, the table will bet set, so to speak.All sounds logical to me, but I have never yet guessed where KT will take a story, so I am only about 30% confident that anything much like what I worked out above will happen.

  11. KT analysts. We need to talk about Geoff's premonition! We already know that these premonitions are evidence of things to come, Nia envisioned what happened in Montreal down in Rocco's wine cellar. We have some really interesting action to unpack.Some of them are pretty straight forward, and damn hot, but some others are up to us to interpret.”Painting the scrolls on the dresser one rainy fall afternoon with Nia” Why the need to repaint the dresser?”Running and running and not stopping” does Rocco catch Geoff in the closet and want to hurt him? I wonder if Geoff tries to pull something on Rocco and fails, the end result of which leads to Geoff fleeing?”Breaking the monitor over his knee … all over their winter boats” something is the straw that breaks the camel's back of his fantasy unleashed, and it's in the winter time, this goes on a looong time before he gets to this point. Can't wait.And finally, probably the darkest moment I've ever felt in KT's stories, “him jumping off a bridge … his legs kicked involuntarily” holy shit you guys. When you couple that with Nia's thought “if Geoff didn't love her anymore, she would kill herself” we may enter into some of the darkest territory we've yet seen from KT.Whatever you have in store for us KT, I am as ready as I'll ever be!

  12. That's what I love about KT's stories – they really get you to thinking, and what you predict about the direction of the plot line often turns out to be wrong. That's the mark of a truly talented writer. Both Guhrka and ToBe=ToHave make their points persuasively and with logical underpinnings. Who knows what's going to happen? Like an exposed circuit breaker, there are many active wires that can shock you and even cause a fire. I think KT does that by design to keep her readers guessing and thoroughly engrossed in the story. Just one point I'd like to make about Winslow – in my mind, I have created a picture of him that is similar in appearance and personality as Geoff. As such, I didn't see Nia becoming interested in him as a romantic partner. However, I have to admit that there's a lot we don't know about Winslow. As they say, still waters run deep. His character could indeed be developed to the point where a liaison with Nia is plausible. Staying with the still-waters-running-deep theme, it may well be the case that Rocco has deeper feelings for Nia, and with their exposure in later installments, his character will concurrently develop further. To me, he just seems like the marble model of a supremely in-control alpha male, and such individuals rarely drop their guard and allow themselves to be vulnerable. Anyway, it's all guesswork at this point, but it's fun guesswork. Thanks, guys, for sharing your thoughts.

  13. I confess now that I am looking back to things said by Winslow a lot more now to see if there is something glaring I'm missing. I always kind had something about him in my mind, because like Guhrka said, no interaction is without value, but I didn't really think it could be as another knot in the hangman's noose as it were. Also, you might be literally correct with regards of your image of Winslow, because didn't Nia mention that he looks like a younger version of Geoff?This guesswork is fun, glad we're doing it because it takes the pain out of obsessing over the next part.

  14. You're welcome—and Thank you!I was looking for a title that had to do with visuals and seeing. I wanted to use something like 'Monitor' but I knew the crafty superfans would right away know he was going to watch on the baby monitor. So I was stuck. I didn't think anyone could help because I couldn't even give hints to what I was looking for. Crazy that you got something so perfect!

  15. Oh, you will have to wait to see! I'm dying to participate in these conversations, but I can't! I'm the one that knows, I keep forgetting. I think I'm a fan of my own work:) I just like Geoff and Nia and I'd love to talk about motivations but I got a big mouth and you've all got smart ears and I don't want to give anything away!I'm taking a week-and-a-half break from writing LHW2. Just the writing. I plot every day. Move scenes around, look at the big picture. Sometimes I'll write down snippets of conversation. Things are getting complicated and a little Rubick's Cubey so I have to take my time. I HAVE to write every day so I'm doing another Taken. It's funny and light-hearted which I need given the things I have to consider for LHW2…

  16. Thanks so much for taking the time to review, that really means everything. It's very much the lifeblood of what I do. Honest reviews, especially positive ones, keep me going—this is a tremendous amount of work and I love it, but the feedback is so essential.I love the dam analogy. Very accurate. Watching from a distance, seeing the big picture, seeing where the cracks are forming, the sound is distant but you can see, when it gives, the destruction that will be in its wake, know it's going to get louder and closer to you…And 2B2H, I'm so tempted to discuss, would love to, but I can't!

  17. Maybe, just maybe, some of them are purposefully wasteful because now I have people who are reading very carefully. I used to be writing to no fans…now I've got a group of people that are on to the way I think…or maybe it's just business as usual for me and I'm saying this now to trick you.

  18. A couple of comments and thoughts ….There was also an interesting reference to the stripper, who was badly beaten. Did Rocco do it? Or was that just a seed planted in Nia's head which reinforces the personality of her alpha male bull? I also think eventually Geoff will need to witness Rocco and Nia firsthand. There's been a progression: he heard about the Montreal encounter, he watched a video, he saw and listened on the baby monitor. It just seems natural he will be in the room next time. And how will he react ? Will he be forced to “kiss Rocco's balls” ? Will he cleanup ? Will he watch and “make himself cum”? Will he do nothing until Rocco leaves and then soothe Nia after Rocco takes her like they both enjoy ? So many possibilities. Lastly … part of being a cuckold is accepting your role. Knowing you can't please your wife the way she wants or needs but helping her and loving her by allowing her to be with others who can. That is rarely done in a vacuum. Eventually Geoff's role as a cuck will likely come out. Either through Winston? Or Nia's girlfriends? Maybe Nia confesses to Rocco that Geoff knows and accepts this. I can't wait for th next installment. Great work KT. You are one of the few who truly understand this genre and the intensity an emotional connection provides. It really differentiates tour work.

  19. Hmmmm…. Sounds like an old CIA trick that I saw once. Disinformation tends to drive intelligent people into a fetal position with their eyes crossed. I know that KT is laughing at that scene.

  20. Oh, I already know you're not about to ruin anything KT, the comments are to develop a better understanding and I'm sure it's amusing to read! The fact that you're even commenting on that DOES make me wonder if I've hit a mark somewhere or missed completely and you're just dying to call me out on it lol. I know I already want to recant a couple thoughts!

  21. I want to add a couple more thoughts. One is the future of Geoff and Nia, from the perspective of Nia, if Geoff continues to be hesitant about Nia's awakening. As I think about this, Nia might be nearing a breaking point with Geoff. Not really right now, it seems like she genuinely harbors guilt and sadness when she sees she's hurting Geoff, but people can only take so much feeling guilty about something they did, especially when they are just being who they are.Geoff is involved in the decision to fuck around too (how much he is responsible for in this is up for debate, but he's been here right there with her), so if he continues to sulk and represses his anger after Nia demonstrates who she is sexually exactly as they talked about would happen and he's agreed to, that's going create some resentment REAL fast. No relationship can stay together if one of the parties has mixed feelings about a part of their significant others' personality!As Odie said to Nia about her sad father over Skype, “Dad is getting old”lol I reread that moment a couple days ago and I took that “old” message in the story to mean so many things. More beautiful nuggets out of your friend and mine, KT.Another key thing about Nia and Dino that I need to point out. What's interesting about the “who's the father” talk, is we get the clear understanding that Dino DID want to be a part of Nia's life once he found out about the possibility of Odie being his. It was Nia who put a stop to that. Dino maybe should have kept fighting for it but it's hard when both are married, and it sounds like Nia was convincing to him. You can tell she really isn't convinced as she starts tearing up when Geoff talks about her as her daughter, or crying in Rocco's shoulder convincing herself she's his daughter.

  22. Well, I guess even a broken clock is right twice a day. It was just the time for an average dart player like me to hit the center of the board. (Pls. excuse the analogy overload). And, about the amazon review, it was my pleasure to leave it. I do hope other readers follow suit, as these reviews often prove to be difference makers in garnering potential customers. In my management job, I've noticed that the prevailing paradigm in modern corporate culture (at least in the US) is “no news is good news.” I totally disagree with that outlook. Positive reinforcement, when deserved, is a vital element to maintaining worker morale and productivity. I feel this applies even to writers who work alone and are their own boss. If all talented people ever hear are negatives, many will become discouraged and walk away. That's the last thing I want to see in your case! It would be a pity for all that literary acumen to wind up hidden under a bushel.

  23. Agreed Ps! KT doesn't ask for much, just keep reading and maybe drop a review if we liked it. Reviews are the gatekeeper in so many ways, so hopefully all those 5 stars do their part!

  24. Oh KT…please don't take too long of a break…I'm dying over here! I'm the type of reader who like to read the entire series so I can have instant gratification…pretty please with a cherry on top

  25. Oh KT…please don't take too long of a break…I'm dying over here! I'm the type of reader who like to read the entire series so I can have instant gratification…pretty please with a cherry on top

  26. Thank you!Yeah, what happened with that stripper?Ha ha, things will progress and questions may be answered in the next book which will be coming very soon…

  27. The next book out will be a bit of a doozy, and it will be out before Christmas…The next Taken book is done and I've made some plotting changes with Nia and Geoff and I'm so glad I took a week to look at the big picture. Saw some things that I didn't earlier and like where they're going to go!

  28. Hmmmm, a “doozy”. I just said that to my dog here with me and she cocked her head and just stared at me. Actually mirrored my thinking before I just smiled….I must admit that I am blown away by the really great analysis that 2B=2H and PS started, with some others joining in now. Soo many potential paths KT could take us down, almost like tracking a dangerous cat in a forest, trying to think ahead where it's going, but also being aware of all the hiding places that could contain real danger.Wow, really starting to like the way everyone is thinking.Please don't let us drive you crazy, KT, you're the only one who is going to lead us out of this mess!!

  29. I'm watching Winslow like a hawk now because of you and PS, lol.I like your hunting reference too, because it fits my recent realization on what KT does, she's a mystery writer! Except we're not trying to solve a murder, we're trying to resolve what will happen to Geoff and Nia … wait … what if this a murder mystery, ha!I will agree with PS and Guhrka here, take whatever time you need with your writing, KT. If it takes us past Christmas, that might be a good thing for me. After all, I need to actually spend time with my family when I visit them … LOL.

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