Montréal and Writing Emotional Erotica

Cheez, I don’t know why I write this stuff. I thought writing erotica was supposed to be easy and fun. Size Curious Brat, Measured Next To Her Ex… These were fun. Losing His Wife series’ are hard on me. They’re rewarding, finally, but they take a toll. It’s worth it. In the end it makes me a stronger writer, developing a tough skin, doing the things that must be done, Killing Your Darlings as they say. And more importantly I want to create erotica that sticks with people. Books that fit their niche but as time wears on are the books a particular kind of reader remembers. Losing His Wife books are more than cuckoldry, more than hotwife…they are on the surface of course and bear all the trappings—but the emotions at play are part of the arousal. I like the term netorare. This is more than skin on skin. Maybe I get complaints that the books are too long, I need to get to the point. There are other books out there that will suit the reader looking for that short burst. Losing His Wife is long because the emotions are eroticized. The skin on skin is there, but sometimes the arousal comes from the relationship changing between two people who love each other. Scenes that some may deem irrelevant will bear later fruit. Stay with me, I have your best interests at heart.

Montréal brings us around the halfway point in the tale of Geoff and Nia. We’re over a hundred-thousand words in and now things are going to get difficult. Montréal has some revelations…some past indiscretions creaking out of a coffin, an understanding of the passion that makes Nia’s heart beat fast. Where’s it all gonna go?


  1. You've quickly become my favorite erotic writer. Your character development and the emotional angst is phenomenal. Please don't worry about the length, it's critical to the story. Keep up the great work!

  2. Looks like I am back from a galaxy far, far away, was worried just where I might break out. Anyway, while Jess seemed to be approaching closer and closer to a 50 foot waterfall with boulders on the bottom, Nia seems to be headed down a much more destructive, dangerous path. Anyone reading on should have a good set of seashells. I think the ground is going to be coming at us very,very fast. I just hope KT can pull us up in Time!!!

  3. I meant seatbelts, not seashells in my narrative above…. Although seashells would sound really wierd in this context, which might fit in with this alternate universe Nia is headed for.

  4. Haha, I liked seashells better to be honest. I never thought of them as a euphemism for testicles until that mistake. I agree with your contrast between Nia and Jess, Jess' affair was dark, but Nia has the potential to be much darker. I love where the first book ended, at such an impasse. Well, the impasse was probably before the trip to Montreal, but just where her new thrill will take Geoff and Nia. Book 1 was a beaut!

  5. The more I think about my initial narrative above, reading K T's LHW stuff reminds me of bungee jumping. Anyone else done that before…..kinda the same rush?

  6. I'd say that's pretty apt myself, not having done such a thing personally. Along those lines Book 2 will be about seeing how many extra feet of rope they can add before they hit bottom! What bottom is in this example I really want to know!

  7. Hmmmm. I assume that they always want them kept them low and tight? Oops better watch my typing eh KT?Also, Is “Her 30th Summer” still underway, or is eine renamed to “Her 40th Summer”. Actually, 40+ yr old women can really be hot, so it could go either way and I would still be interested in it.Just don't put it in front of Cayman…. By the way all of you avid KT syncophants (like myself). Please buy and read the Cayman Proxy series so I can tease KT into getting back to it sooner.

  8. Ha, this KT letch has always taken a 'whatever she's up to' approach, if that means part 7, I'm onboard! That said I hope that she keeps the momentum up with this series.

  9. Ha ha! I'm stuck on Her 30th Summer because I stole the husband from that story. Geoff was the original husband from that book. Except he did websites not kid's books. CPro is my next priority, but I will finish Geoff and Nia first…

  10. I better check out my bungee jumping gear and make sure the cord stretch is still okay for the next LHW2 book, better make sure the length matches the “KT craziness” level for the next book so I don't hit the ground before she yanks us up.

  11. KT, thanks for sharing your thoughts about writing the “Losing His Wife” books, which I think are an invaluable addition to the panoply of erotic fiction. Without such stories that go beyond garden variety physical erotica, we would definitely be missing out on something rewarding. As you say, these stories are emotionally taxing, but they do make us think and get in touch with our deeper feelings. Most of us can relate to at least one of the main characters in these books. The more introspective readers will ask themselves why the story is affecting them so much. They will consider what they would do if they were in so-and-so's shoes. From a psychological standpoint, I think we all have fears of rejection and abandonment. After all, we're primates who were not meant to live without nurturing human relationships. These stories certainly make me look inward, and they also provide some teachable moments for me in where to draw the line in a hypothetical real-life scenario. Many of us wonder how far we should go in balancing the pleasure in living out our fantasies, assuming we have a willing partner, with the dangers inherent in such exploration. I think you are exceptionally talented in crafting these moving, powerful, and very erotic tales. The cognitive dissonance and confusion they cause are mysteries to be explored and not avoided. Despite the negative comments many NTR authors have to deal with from fans, there are a multitude of us out there who appreciate the hard work you put into your writing. Thanks for sharing your gift with us.

  12. Fucking beautifully stated by PS! These series' (and CPro counts in here) struck a cord so deep that, like mentioned, it causes me to think about it alot. The best thoughts of which being in the refractory period of course lol. Stories like these examine the reality that sexual fantasies don't exist in a vacuum. Nor can they necessarily be easily tamed or ignored when fulfilled.What happens to us when we get exactly what we want? In some cases, anything to get it again (and again and again). We're flawed in that most of us don't know how to tap in to what really what makes us tick, so we're often making decisions based on what we think we want. When those desires have cons (like, I might fall in love, or I might lose her), not having access to all that internal info can lead to some devastating consequences, and lead to behaviors or thoughts that we're not prepared for. Cliches are nice sometimes, 'Be careful what you wish for …,' right?PS nailed it on the head talking about relating to characters and their experiences. The most powerful relation to the material stems from understanding the emotional impact whatever happens in the story had on the the characters. I can only accomplish that when they are brought to life. That's why I am glad that these stories are written these way they are. Only with LHW2 being written the way it is can I feel the way I do about the situation their all in now, which is feeling just about every possible emotion that sex can elicit (which is alot). She knows that's how you stick with a reader and make a good story. She's done it once and she's doing it again, and better than ever!

  13. Wow… Super analysis by both PS and 2B=2H. Your thoughts remind me a bit of the Butterfly effect (the concept, not so much the movie(s)), in that everything we do/explore has consequences that affect our future possibilities… essentially on a new timeliness we might not even imagined for ourselves and others had the the event not occurred.Believe it or not, I am completely sober after saying that. I do think KT has figured how to touch emotions that most don't, and in a way that creates deep sorrow and connection with characters she really develops in a deep way.Also, I get a kick out of everyone's comments. I think the insights give some new perspectives and humor.

  14. Agreed, I do think it's quite possible Nia and Geoff have entered down a path they could have possibly avoided, but I wonder how unavoidable it is. Dino and Nia have hooked up before, and she ran into him again, got her job interview with Rocco and was smitten with him too. So it makes me think that maybe she was already down that path, but just needed a shove. Interested in getting others perspective there.

  15. My sense was that Nia wanted a change, to break out of the everyday blandness that she thought was suffocating her. Yes, part of it was getting back out in the workforce again, but the way she jumped at working closely with Rocco and Dino, opening up the opportunity to stray again. While she didn't initially see how they would take her back to her old self, they(and I think their wives) did. And they seem out to belittle and humiliate Geoff whenever the opportunity arises. As the CCR song goes “I see a bad moon arisin', I see troubles on the way”.

  16. Hmm, I think the reason to get into the workforce was important regardless of the opportunity, but her past catching up to her was inevitable to me. To me it just seemed like she was playing with fire from the beginning. One way or the other, being around these men that are what she is looking for was going to lead to trouble. Especially when she had a prior history with Dino, and has already been adulterous with him. I think Dino and Rocco's wives are looking at Nia as a threat based less on her past behavior, because I'm sure Dino has been mum about who she is with her, after all she being 'the one' (as he called her) is not someone you talk a lot about with your spouse. Rather I think they were defensive based off of their womenly intuition. Afterall, Bombshell body + prior relationship + catching their husbands' reactions around her + I'll throw in the Bachelorette party rumors since Rocco heard about it somehow = credible threat.

  17. Good analysis… I smile a bit, thinking how KT is working on the next book like a beaver on a dam before winter sets in, while we analyze these characters like crazy. She would be proud, I think, or laughing hysterically.She has gone into her quiet period, so I suspect we have 3-5 days before we get another release. Hope she relaxes a bit and has fun while she is ripping her heart out on this one, it's going crazy fast.

  18. You get us wrapped up in the book so it feels like forever between them coming out. True signs of a great author.

  19. You've shared very little about yourself. Where do you draw your plot lines from? For instance, are you married? Are these fantasies of yours and your significant other? Or are they solely yours? Where do you draw your inspiration from? Curious minds need to know! 🙂

  20. KT– On another subject, do you ever hear from Agatha Black? I read her book 2 a days,and it was a good read. Hopefully she keeps going with it.

  21. Thanks so much for the thoughtful evaluation. I agree with you 100%.I really love exploring the psychological aspect of these relationships. They're fraught with danger while also so very exciting. I try and show both sides, the physical and the mental. I think both are very thrilling. Some people want only the physical and a cursory reference to the mental. That's cool too. I write that as well. Right to the nitty-gritty!But some people, I think, are really sensitive to the eroticized emotions. Like a long-form romance almost. Relationships like this can be tinged with loss–and I think that for some that is the root of the interest in the genre. Loss as a result of inadequacy (really a perceived inadequacy), sexualized, for some reason.And it is my HONOUR to share my work and have a positive response, to have people care at all about characters I create…that is really amazing! Thanks should go to everyone that cares enough to post here, it really means a lot.

  22. She is me, and she will keep going with it! I AM Agatha Black. Just a penname. Trying to keep two worlds separate but I think I will bring it all together, have all the books under one name. 2 A Days is erotica, romantic erotica, but it doesn't involve sharing a partner (well, sort of a threesome, I guess) so I didn't think it was a good fit. But maybe erotica is erotica for people who like the way I tell a story…

  23. They are not OF me at all! I lose myself in characters and I let the characters decide their fantasies, or relate to me their fantasies. Then that dictates the story. It's a long weird process, ha ha.You shouldn't see me in any of the stories. I'm like a fly on Geoff's wall. Or whoever's wall. The inspiration solely comes from wanting to explore a character or group of characters. I want to tell a good story first. But, as far as the genre goes, it is appealing to me because of its tremendously high emotional impact.

  24. Well… Interesting info. You've always worked on versatility, even when it is in a single genre (although you have a pretty wide swath from the emotional side). The effect on kids is something that really gets to me (which probably doesn't surprise you from my past comments). I see this monster coming to surface soon in LHW2, maybe in the next episode. It reminds me when I used to do a lot of white water kayaking, you hear the roar long-form you see what you about to be fighting…. Right now, I can hear the roar, and it sounds really overwhelming.

  25. I admit to kind of searching for a subtle nod to that conversation in O2, like “Amy was channel surfing on her couch, passing over 'The View', some infomercial about a face cleanser, “just a spoonful of sugar …” lol.

  26. Mmhmm, when you make comments like that KT I feel the need to strap in tight. We remember what happened the last time you felt that way about writing. Just think about the money and fans you're about to make!

  27. The money I'm sure is nice, but I get the distinct feeling that is a very small part of why KT does this… If I was selfish, I would say she does it to torment us. Mission accomplished!!!

  28. Please don't take this as too forward, but how about something like “Feeling the Burn”? Just thinking about what a double entrende might mean to several of the characters.

  29. Not at all!It's sometimes tough finding a title. Gotta find the theme of the book, pick something that describes that without giving too much away. It's nice if it has a double entendre. And I can't divulge the theme of the book without giving too much away to you all!I'm practically done at this point, just a few days editing. Something will bubble up from that…

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