Montréal and Writing Emotional Erotica

Cheez, I don’t know why I write this stuff. I thought writing erotica was supposed to be easy and fun. Size Curious Brat, Measured Next To Her Ex… These were fun. Losing His Wife series’ are hard on me. They’re rewarding, finally, but they take a toll. It’s worth it. In the end it makes me a stronger writer, developing a tough skin, doing the things that must be done, Killing Your Darlings as they say. And more importantly I want to create erotica that sticks with people. Books that fit their niche but as time wears on are the books a particular kind of reader remembers. Losing His Wife books are more than cuckoldry, more than hotwife…they are on the surface of course and bear all the trappings—but the emotions at play are part of the arousal. I like the term netorare. This is more than skin on skin. Maybe I get complaints that the books are too long, I need to get to the point. There are other books out there that will suit the reader looking for that short burst. Losing His Wife is long because the emotions are eroticized. The skin on skin is there, but sometimes the arousal comes from the relationship changing between two people who love each other. Scenes that some may deem irrelevant will bear later fruit. Stay with me, I have your best interests at heart.

Montréal brings us around the halfway point in the tale of Geoff and Nia. We’re over a hundred-thousand words in and now things are going to get difficult. Montréal has some revelations…some past indiscretions creaking out of a coffin, an understanding of the passion that makes Nia’s heart beat fast. Where’s it all gonna go?


  1. Another one…”Feelin' the Dark Energy”… A bit of neediness with that one.. Might work with a new book someday?Actually, I am just trying to get you thinking.Good luck.

  2. Untamed Passions. Nia is certainly out of control,I guess untamed as well.Any guesses as to how everything will turn out. I think KT worries when I do this, since last time a couple of people came pretty close to the actual plot she ended up with.Unfortunately, I usually don't come very close to her endings, my mind must be wired differently. Anyway, I think Nia really goes crazy in her pursuit of the serial attraction of Rocco (and probably Dino eventually). She will increasingly cut off Goeff, and may try to take O'Dell from him, claiming she is actually Dino's kid. That will set off Goeff, who will work with Dino's and Rocco's wife to stop the madness. He may prevail, but at immense cost to everyone involved.I keep hoping KT will have pity on me and craft a Happily Ever After ending, but what fun would that be?

  3. How about “Kaleidoscope” for the title? This would refer to the confusing and overwhelming sensory bombardment experienced by both Geoff and Nia, as well as their inability to effectively sort out the details of what they are feeling. The title is a vague reference, I realize, but perhaps its cryptic nature would stimulate the interest of new readers.

  4. Uh…yeah, I like that one too. Can't say why right now, ha ha…but I do like how that might work…Doing edits at the moment. Have to tweak something to add impact for that title. Being cryptic on purpose. Thanks everyone, thanks PS! Book probably won't be uploaded until tomorrow…

  5. I really need to improve on clicking the right reply button lol.Anyways! Interesting indeed, nicely done PS, you made the book! Thanks for the update KT, I'll just be here at the edge of my seat!

  6. So I thought I would throw out my darkest thought in (or rumination) in this story thus far, as we wait for the newest episode. Released in parts, because I apparently I wrote a lot! I don't want to try to predict the ending like Guhrka wonders above (I think we're on a similar wavelength on it though), but I am getting pretty close to that naturally!My question is, what is 'loss' in this story? I think conventionally speaking, we would all agree that Geoff losing Nia as a lover and a wife would be 'loss' that would really hurt both Geoff and Nia. Nia is the best lay Geoff's ever had, and easily the hottest girl he's known. Her regaling her past to him sets him off like nothing has or probably will. That blowjob he got in the bar bathroom … the best he'll ever get.However, Geoff is also Nia's best friend, who helps make things right for her when she needs someone there for her. Who makes her breakfast before her first day of work, or 'fat girl night' after work? Or gets Angie off Nia's back, if even for the night, when she called after the Bachelorette Party? Or draws her a bath instead of going to a show the day after she gets tore up by another man? There's a real connection there, that means a lot to them.

  7. The reason why I think that just losing her as a lover/wife wouldn't be the extent of 'loss' in this story, is that Geoff seems to be (basically, but not totally) okay with being the shoulder for Nia to cry on and take care of her, not matter what she does. What makes me cringe (and equally intrigued) is thinking … what if she stops going to him for that comfort, because she doesn't need it? And what if, Nia knows/learns that Odele isn't Geoff's (if I spoiled that thought for you, you need to stop reading the blog and start reading! ha)? What does Geoff become to Nia/Odele long-term?Of course Geoff has a say in all this. How is he going to handle actually SEEING Nia being manhandled by Rocco (or Dino?) like he is starting to fantasize about? Fantasies are just fantasies until they are hitting you in face as hard truth. The problem for Geoff is, her fantasies are yours too, and she already knows she likes what happened when her fantasies came true … He isn't as sure he is going to like it as Nia was, and he just might be right that he won't!Back to Geoff's say though. Who raised Odele? Was it Dino's absentee ass? Clearly he must have known it was a possibility that she was his daughter if even Rocco knew about that possibility! Geoff would have a pretty strong position to say, “no way are you taking her away from me.”

  8. It makes me sad to think about. Because we've seen how much Geoff means to Nia and to Odele, I REALLY doubt that Nia would just willfully remove her or her daughter from his life out of the blue. That said, on more than one occasion we've seen Nia and Rocco both thinking about the other as marriage material, albeit in passing. Like Rocco saying, “why would (Dino) let you go?” or “I'd put so many babies in you,” or Nia quickly thinking about what it would be like being married to Rocco when they working, or getting a little angry at Maria for carrying on at the cottage because she didn't think Maria fully appreciated how good she has it, etc. If the story line reaches that point, where the super-Alpha Rocco could somehow demonstrate that he has some other parts of him that Nia could find comfort in on top of being a mindblowing lay, it's hard to imagine Nia or Geoff really wanting to, or even being capable of maintaining that friendly, flirty relationship they once had. I think Geoff would become, essentially, a family friend. Invited to parties and hangs out every once and a while to have a good time with everyone, but leaves at 11. Phew, that's heavy!We know Geoff was once pondering, does Nia want a husband who knows he isn't enough for her? I wonder if he is right!Of course, the story could fall just short of being THAT devastating, and still be a gruesome ending for everyone, so I obviously took this to the most extreme emotionally. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! LOL! And to think, I actually enjoy this stuff!?End of my stream of thought here. Thanks for making the first part of this story such an intriguing story line KT, and to hell with any haters who think that you need to “get to the point” or whatever the fuck they are saying.

  9. Wow.. Some heavy sleuthing going on in your mind, 2B=2H. I can't disagree with your analysis, but I was thinking that Rocco and Dino would continue to belittle Geoff in front of Nia, much like Tyler did with Jess and Pete in LHW1, with much the same outcome, once she starts doing it as well. Sad part is that Geoff would probably take it (for the arousal it gives him), until he realizes that this monster will destroy everything. Hopefully he can wake up and do something before it is too late. That is the real horror of it,facing the monster you created (kinda like Frankenstein), and realizing what is on the line if you lose this next battle.He will hear the “Rapids roar”, long before he sees the rocks and drops that may well drown him in their wrath.I know, getting a bit into the passion of it all, need to stay cool and see what kind of stew KT has actually cooked up.Have a great read over Thanksgiving to those in the U.S., or over a great weekend for everyone else.An I will lift a glass in toast to you, KT, for generating so much energy with a few words.

  10. Hear, hear and thanks! By the way, I've obviously skipped a lot of what might happen in the interim in my thoughts above. I am my usual excited/nervous feeling waiting to see what KT has cooked up for my American ass this Thanksgiving and beyond. I'm not sure intentional humiliation will play as much a role in this saga, but I can see that too. In my opinion, maybe unintentional humiliation might. Does that difference make sense to anyone else or am I inventing a dichotomy here? Ha!One small amendment (other than wishing i caught more errors during editing that stream of consciousness) is I sound like I'm alluding to the fact that Geoff might have known the possibility that Odele is Dino's daughter. In fact, I was calling out Dino for not doing anything (at least that we know of) about that possibility, since even his brother knew about it.

  11. Interesting and insightful analyses by 2B=2H and Guhrka. I agree. For both Geoff and Nia, it's a horribly tangled thicket of emotions, urges, and compulsions that will leave deep scars in everyone, though Geoff will most likely bear the brunt of the damage. He and Nia clearly make wonderful friends, and I have no doubt that Nia would be hard-pressed to find a worthy substitute for Geoff in this regard. However, most everyone tends to succumb to their baser urges, even at the expense of losing something precious that would benefit their lives in the long run. If only Geoff could do a bit of mental gymnastics like Mr. Spock and simply turn off his romantic attraction to Nia like a light switch. (See the episode, “Spectre of the Gun” from the original Star Trek series for a great illustration of this trick, which the poor humans could only do after Spock administered the Vulcan mind meld. Here's a short clip from that episode: The fact is, the friend zone is not necessarily a bad place, but it can be poisoned with unrequited love. I can't speak for women, but few men I know of, including myself, are capable of remaining friends with a woman with whom they've fallen in love. The only clear solution is to muster the courage to make a complete break, preferably without acrimony. However, in this story, there is Odele; she is the random element that could tear the family apart. Regardless of her biological parentage, Geoff is her true father, and that's not something Nia can erase with a breakup. Oh, the agonizing possibilities!

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