It’s been out for a while now but, hey, here’s the announcement: the second book in the Losing His Wife 2 series is now available!

I’m hard at work finishing the third installment in the series and just never got around to posting about Bachelorette. I also wrote a short (by my standards!) called Taken While He Watches: On Their Honeymoon and never got around to posting about that either. Take a look at that one, it was quite well-received.

The third book of LHW2 will be called Montreal and should come some time shortly after (US) Election Day. Here’s a progress picture, an X-ray, if you will, of Montreal. Green bars are good!


  1. Phew, such a great teaser! She's got me pinchin' and zoomin' that spreadsheet lol!Thanks for showing us what's behind the curtain, really amazing to see what all goes into these stories! With all the points of view in 'Obsessed' there must be a ton of colors in that outline lol!Lots of good stuff in this overview, personal highlights from the subtitles:'Rocco was in a bad mood' that sounds good!'truth' followed by 'aftermath, injury' hooooo!I can't wait to see what the missing piece for 'Could you really *indecipherable* a condom?' I have my guesses, but let the speculation begin!Don't think I haven't missed the 'Big Picture' items either. Can't. wait. Not sure what they all say but I think I caught some of it.This is my first election as a Pennsylvania resident, and I haven't been any more excited for an election in my life LOL. I wonder who Rocco would support? The brash, ass grabbing nature of Rocco has me thinking Trump, but then he is a successful businessman with presumably good sense about what's in his best interest, makes me think Hilary.He's kind of an asshole, so my guess is Trump.Thanks for the update KT!

  2. Ha ha, can't believe you'd zoom in on it and ruin it for yourself…I purposely made it too small! The Big Picture items are very much subject to change…I had one where in LHW Tyler wanted a penis piercing and during his 6 weeks healing Jess came to her senses, LOL. They are What Ifs, but yes, some of them do make it in the book…Rocco would probably side with Trump because he just wouldn't vote for Hillary. But he doesn't like either, and he really, really doesn't like Justin Trudeau.

  3. Not small enough KT, lol! You're right, I'm way too in to this story! It took me no time at all to decide to do that. I sincerely doubt I ruined anything though, and I'm wondering more about what's going to happen by those one sentence teasers (albeit unintended). The 'Big Picture' stuff seemed a bit too broad to really be spoilers, save maybe one thing which seemed inevitable anyways.That's pretty damn funny, Tyler with a Prince Albert! Also funny is THAT being the line that Jess would not cross. Obscene size … hell yeah, anal … let's do it, unlubricated anal … for a minute ok, whoa, is that a stud on your dick? NOPE. đŸ˜‰ Just kidding.I think I'm picking up what you're laying down regarding Rocco, he is very old school. At least that's how I'm reading that.

  4. Jess wasn't against the piercing: she thought it was hot, went with him to the parlour, watched it get done, didn't like seeing the female technician's hands on her 'boyfriend', thought it was weird that she would think of him so possessively…then they couldn't have sex for six weeks and he was still living in the house (she hadn't declared her love for him in this version)so during that time their relationship was passionless and she saw his true character without the hazy lustful tint…got turned off. Then she turned to Pete for help to get rid of him and they concocted a plan together. She did not get pregnant. Any way, it was just the original idea for the ending, after awhile it evolved into something else, much longer too!Montreal is done! We get to find out a lot more about Rocco in this now novel-sized book. He doesn't mention the vote, but there is a lot more we learn…

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