Losing His Wife 2

Tomorrow will see the launch of the next Losing His Wife series. New couple, new situation, but all still familiar in theme.

Nia and Geoff are in their early thirties and love each other dearly. They’ve got a seven year old daughter and no plans for another child right now. They’ve decided that Nia could go back to work. She’s a University graduate, business school, she has skills but maybe not much experience. Geoff’s a successful children’s book illustrator. His career has just been taking off recently and he’s chained himself to his Herman Miller in the studio. He’s used to having the love of his life by his side every day, running errands, managing his books and his website. But they could use another income, Toronto is not getting any cheaper. On the eve of her first work prospect something else arrives: stagnant feelings of lust and angst are stirred when Geoff finds the job offer comes from the brother of an ex-boyfriend. He’s troubled by how arousing he finds the whole thing when he knows he should be mad instead…


  1. This is how it's done! I'll try to stay vague for those who haven't read it yet. I love the start. Still shaking a bit from this one and the cliffhanger. Nia seems poised to do any manner of hot things in the future!It is very interesting Geoff's character. He seems to be sexualizing the feelings of jealousy he first experienced when they were just getting started as a couple. Out of nostalgia? He gets off hearing about Nia's past, and loves her honesty. Even if it unleashes an anger in him he doesn't necessarily like to experience. Really interesting and realistic background for him!Nia is loving this other side of husband she has never seen and is just now realizing she really wants, if only she could just get him to do it without asking. Meanwhile she gets to relive the hottest sex she's ever had, with him hearing every moment of it. The ending was a bit surprising, I thought you maybe threw a fast one over us. Nia is very convincing, and what she did was pretty manipulative. And now since she was able to get him to reveal the truth, it'll be a gamechanger for their relationship!I'm interested to see how Rocco fits into this story. There is clearly some chemistry between the two of them. They definitely appear to check eachother's boxes for a good prospect. This is a bit different from LHW, in that there was just one person of any interest to Jess. Here, I could see Nia developing an interest into more than that.How this introductory episode compares with LHW, is that Dino is an unknown. We know a few things about him, mostly the stuff we want to hear lol, but like Tyler, still not a lot about him or from his own words. From the sounds of it, he's the one that got away. Let's see how Nia handles being near him again!

  2. This does feel like a different dynamic than Pete and Jess. Though I'm struggling to put the exact word on it. They feel more “stable” and that there's more “balance” to their marriage. Not sure either of those words fit, but I do sense a difference that makes me more confident that they won't go completely off the rails. Though I fully expect them to go partially off the rails. There seems to be a little more darkness to Geoff and Nia, and that actually might be a good thing. It feels like they need each other, that they want each other. At least as of right now, I don't feel like Nia will lose her connection to Geoff completely like Jess did with Pete. She likes being a bad girl, but it feels like she wants to be Geoff's bad girl.

  3. I feel like the story is very different from Pete and Jess as well. Also it's well put that the relationship feels a bit more balanced, I think especially in the bedroom. I never felt that Jess wasn't into Pete as a husband, it was just when they were under the sheets where Pete's insecurities took over the whole relationship. That insecurity doesn't exist in this relationship!I don't know how, nothing in this first part really says as much, but the potential for things to go off the rails in a similiarly devestating manner as LHW is definitely present for me.

  4. It is a KT story, so you're right of course things are going to go off the rails…but that's why we're reading, right?Yes, you hit on the big difference between Geoff and Pete…its the idea that Geoff seems more aggressive in the bedroom. But will that be enough for Nia once they start down the rabbit hole.

  5. Thank you! Yes, I started this LHW a little earlier than the first one, where Jess has already committed the act and their exploration is under way. Geoff and Nia are at an earlier stage…I think it will make them seem closer as a couple.

  6. I like that you see them as darker. It's true. Jess was pretty immature, despite having a lot of partners she was still a bit wide-eyed when it came to sex. She was quick to love and somehow demure. I always thought when she was younger she was easy to talk into bed because she was always looking for love and she would believe whatever some guy would tell her. Nia is quite a bit more confident and cynical. And so is Geoff—he isn't burdened with a tremendous shortcoming. The two of them are quite different than Jess and Pete, and I wanted them to be very stable together…

  7. KT as usual a great tale. This story can go so many different ways. It is one mass of decisions. Nia appears to have cheated on Geoff early in their relationship before they were married, but I can't tell if her infidelity has also be more recent. Only the next chapters will tell.

  8. The only thing I am left to conclude from KT's notable absence after one week's time is that Finch has seduced her away from her life as a writer.You will be missed KT…

  9. Ha ha! Canadian Thanksgiving but plenty hard at work. Typical KT fashion, part 2 of LHW2 has ballooned and that's why there's a delay. Sixty percent more words than I intended! Happy with them though…Having some trouble behind the scenes with amazon kindle unlimited. Might be no biggie but I was intending to wait it out and see what happens. Now I figure I might as well publish anyway, I trust amazon to make things right. This isn't with me alone, it seems to be universal.While I was waiting I also wrote a brand new quickie. Again, typical KT fashion, my short turned into a hundred pages. I can't shut up sometimes.Expect LHW2 2 and the short, Taken While He Watches on Their Honeymoon, later this week!And if I were to run off it would most likely be with Omar. But it's nice to be missed…

  10. She hasn't gone anywhere, hurray! That is some update on the status of what stories are in store for us! We're all glad that a little hiccup from Amazon doesn't stop you. Care to give us a couple sentences about what inspired the new story? Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

  11. Thanks!The Taken book is a little light-hearted, like Size Curious Brat and Measured N2HX. I just wanted to do something that had a beginning and an end and wasn't part of a series. I've got too many series' on the go!It's my first interracial cuckolding story. It has a ridiculous yet somehow believable premise, a nice tense buildup and lots of payoff. I wanted some things in it: unprotected sex, a virgin bride, muuuuultiple partners, & everybody to have a good time, including the poor husband…

  12. Hi KT, I hope you're not getting too frustrated about the Kindle Unlimited problems that authors are experiencing. I've seen the 'page problem' being discussed by other authors now, many have decided not to publish until the issue is resolved.For those who don't know what's going on, as I understand it, KU books pay authors who use it a half penny per page read by readers. Some time in September, the number of pages that have been reported as read by us readers starting becoming inaccurate(sometimes greatly) which is a huge problem for any author utilizing it, obviously.KT, I can see if you're trying to avoid putting your work out there until things are back to normal. If anything to stand pat with other authors dealing with the same issue.Maybe you didn't want to get into what is specifically going on in your blog, which I can respect, but I sure can! Authors should be getting what they were expecting from Amazon, that isn't happening anymore. Plus, I want by authors back dammit!It's only been a week but are there any updates on Amazon's front about this?

  13. No, nothing from Amazon. But that's not the delay in my releases! That's on my end. I guess it was part wait and see and part going away for travel and then a massive power outage…My books will be up very shortly, the second part of LHW2 is going very long and should be up by Friday. It might come in somewhere around 120 pages.I'm unsure of the future of KU but for now will continue to use. It's been great for introducing my books to people who are interested but unsure. It has been a big benefit to me. I want to use anything that will make it easier for readers to find my stuff and enjoy it!

  14. Didn't mean to imply that you were delaying anything for that reason, or anything period frankly, whatever you're deciding is your business. Just saying it made sense to me if you ultimately decided to 'wait and see' on KU. My comment was motivated in part by a news update from another author.It is, of course, good to have it reiterated that you aren't bothered by this at all.What of 'Taken'? Is that still set for release soon? I couldn't help but notice that it is numbered, are you making a series of stand-alone books?

  15. Ah! I'm just hyper-aware of missing self-imposed deadlines, feeling the tension, ha ha.I am doing one more re-edit right now on Taken and will submit tonight. And I plan on doing similar mid-length, 100 page stories and treating it like a series. Not necessarily recurring characters but themes…

  16. I was wondering when the next book of the Cayman proxy will be coming out? Also the next book of the losing his wife?

  17. I love Cayman Proxy and it will continue! I'm chipping away at the next episode. It's about 25% done now.My priority right now is Geoff and Nia. The second book is uploaded and should be available in around twelve hours (Sunday afternoon). It took so long because it ended up being a lot bigger than I anticipated. I think it came in at 38,000 words. Should be about 150 pages with a free story at the back too.Part 3 is coming soon!

  18. It looks like it will be out later next week, towards the end. The book keeps growing on me. It was supposed to be 50 pages but it seems now like it will be 150 pages. There's a lot going on!

  19. Awesome!! I'm a big fan of the first series. After reading the first book of LW2..I'm even more excited about this series then the first. Looking forward to reading the rest..even the cover has a model with some meat on those ribs…lol. I saw you were working on this series so I read the cayman series to give some time to complete this set (I get very angsty waiting for the next installment;). liked it alot too. Congrats on successful multiple series!!

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