Obsessed 2

The second book in the Obsessed series is available now. Two of my favourite scenes I’ve ever written are in this book. It was a lot of fun. This is a big cast of some very particular characters. Very unique. I love all of them and I can’t wait to tell you the rest of this story…


  1. Enjoyed Chapter 2….the cage stuff is a little extreme for my tastes, but it seems to work for Becky and Steve. Interesting ending with Finch and his father. The only thing I could think of as I finished, even more so than what pills he may be taking: why Finch was so eager to get out of there before his father's wife and young kids came down the stairs. Or am I reading too much into that?

  2. Good background for all the characters. Finch does act a bit strange at times, maybe bothered by “old ghosts” in his memory.Not sure about JJ, I am thinking he could mean a lot more trouble than Finch imagines. South Carolina boys usually have brothers and other kin, and hurting one can bring out the wrath of them all. And they know how to make strong bulls into steers!!Some of the background focus reminded me of the way you developed things in Cayman, hope you haven't put that aside for too long, but can't say I blame you if you have since I seem to be the only one badgering you about it. I have finished it about three different ways in my mind, but you always seem to surprise me somehow.

  3. I too really enjoyed the story development in this part! It was a slow burn with some great moments! I thought the opening scenes with Amy and JJ, and with Gretch and Mike were really fun, lighthearted, smile inducing. I can see why you liked the scene with Gretch/Mike, Gretch was amazing. Those two are funny, even when they are both vulnerable!I really enjoy Amy's naivety, seeing the world through her eyes must make everything so amazing. Really Amy you never had sushi before? I thought she was going to say something when Atticus made a call from his Lamborghini! “This here car has a tele-ma-phone in 'er?” I'm just kidding of course, I like that she isn't completely clueless, just not as experienced to his lifestyle. Who is with the money he's rolling in!?It was moments like Amy nervously disrobing for the shower in front of Atticus only to be reassured by his gentle reminder to remove the yellow bandana in her hair that really impress me in this story. Loved that! Me thinks that bandana is not going away anytime soon in this saga!I'm with JL, personally, when you start doing multiple months of denial, cock cages, hours of watching silently with no blood circulation in your wrists, you're too far in it. That didn't do it for me, but there's no question it's clear the dominion Becky holds over that relationship. Some sexy moments in that part of the story to be sure!A lovely read, I can't wait to see how this progresses, and how some really strong bonds can hold together under Finch's prowess.

  4. A couple related thoughts. With Atticus twice being caught up thinking about Amy during his encounters with Becky (and oh yeah … Steve …) I am wondering if his growing infatuation is going to continue to effect his performance with his 'clientele.' Even moreso, I'm curious to see how some of them might handle him being distracted. I think Courtney will be fine with it/get over it, she's already offering his “services” to a friend, but part of me thinks that Gretch might not enjoy that as much. I'm not sure if I'm basing that on anything other than my own hunches, but I think Gretch might get a little jealous that her big hunk that has such an infatuation with her might now be developing more interest in someone else.Hear me out, we know Gretch is a powerhouse, but I think when it comes to relationships she needs things to make sense to her and be in her control. I might be wrong, but I don't think she even knows about Atticus' 'Finch' persona, and certainly she does not know about Amy (or Becky, or Courtney, or Suzie? or Linda?). That could simultaneously make her jealous and turn her on, but I'm not sure she is going to be totally okay with it. Nor will Mike be too happy to see Gretch's emotional reactions. I think more has to play out between the three of them before that particular conflict would really hit home, but that's just my thoughts.Ultimately, Atticus is not going to be the same as he continues down this path with Amy, it'll be interesting to see how everyone handles it.

  5. The remaining 'extreme' stuff is now minimal! We'll be back to the more traditional types in forthcoming stories, but we haven't seen the last of Becky and Steve. We will see more of Ricky and get an understanding of that dynamic with Atticus.

  6. JJ might be simple but he is formidable…Cayman Proxy: I assure everyone that is interested that it will return. I keep my file for the next episode open and I fill out scenes as things occur to me. It will not go unfinished. I can't explain how much that story means to me and how much I want to see it out and complete. Unfortunate truth is that it is not a great seller. At least not the individual episodes. The Box One does get read quite well. Box Two might as well, as soon as I get the next episode done.

  7. Thanks so much, I appreciate all your attention to my details, seeing as how I drop in a lot of details! Especially the bandana thing. Weird. Am I becoming obvious or do you have laser vision of some kind?Amy is a lot of fun to write because I get to explore a weird scene through her eyes and there is a pleasant sort of discovery doing that. I'm careful (I hope!) not to make her annoying because a character like her can get real old real fast. I tamp her accent a bit and I try to make her not completely 'clueless' like you pointed out. It'll be interesting to see where she ends up. I'm excited for Court too.Have no fear—the extreme stuff is somewhat complete, but we will see more of Becky and Steve. And on top of a lot of hot kinky girl-sharing there will be some interesting story developments too…

  8. Atticus' psyche will be affected, he has feelings for Amy. It might bleed into his other relationships and into just about every other bit of his life too.Gretch does not know what her friend is up to at night. Atticus thinks it at one point, wonders what she would think. He assumes she might appreciate it, see some humour in it even, but he decides not to tell her. He's not a hundred percent convinced that she would like what he's doing, he just wants to think she would say it was okay…There is more to Gretch and Atticus to come.

  9. Ha, very intriguing! Though I would like to think maybe I'm that good of a detective, you may or may not have raised some red foreshadowing flags around that particular piece of cloth.With regards to Amy, I think of her character as a wholesome, good-natured Southern woman of modest means. I think if that was your intention it comes across. I just tease the Southern accent because that's easy!Thanks for the additional updates too!

  10. Hmm, thought provoking. Makes me wonder if she'll become more of a concerned friend instead, maybe a voice of reason as he gets closer to trying to take Amy away from JJ. Did I miss what you said above in part of the story?

  11. I think Atticus has that thought while he and Gretch and Mike watch the rest of the horrorcore show after he's with Gretch in the bathroom. I think, at least, just going by memory there…

  12. Interesting. Once again a great scene was set. Courtney is becoming one of my favorites here. While Amy is just blossoming Courtney is blooming. There's something special in that character, and Sean ain't half bad either.Becky and Steve are an easy to grasp duo, not my thing really but I get their function here, more precisely Becky,as a ground for Atticus. A reminder of why he does what he does.Gretchen and Mike! What a great scene! Had me going, even. The tease, humor and fun of the two just had me hooked. I had to read it twice. And Gretch's thoughts on Atticus and her sadness regarding him and what he does to himself. There is more there and that she knows what it is just makes the situation vibrate with potential.JJ and Amy. JJ is just too superficial. Amy… oh I like her and not just because she plays Skyrim. (Incidentally,ever thought of creating a mod there yourself? I'd use it.) Talk about potential! And to see her coming out of her shell… Atticus sure is working hard to woo her, does he realize it?Atticus and dad. Powerful and uncomfortable scene there. Dad seems proud but I'm feeling like he doesn't quite know how to relate to his son. What is the deal with that family I wonder?

  13. That scene in Venice with Gretch and Mike is one of my all-time favourites!Skyrim: No idea how to create a mod! Only ever played about a few hours of Skyrim, I had to look up a quest that made sense in the story…

  14. Will there be a sequel to this story elaborating on Atticus' strong feelings for Amy? Really interested to see how this plays out…

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