My newest book is now available. It’s a bit of a different approach than Losing His Wife. This is a bull-centric story that revolves around many hotwife and cuckold couples in the L.A. area. It’s a bit seedy but upscale and sleek. It is a suspense. This is book one of a few. There is more going on than what you see and it will all come better into focus as the story progresses. This book is action-heavy.


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  1. Just finished your latest book…. Still trying to figure out what I think about it. The last few paragraphs seem to paint a picture of future darkness. Or maybe the darkness before the dawn..? Yeah, my optimistic side is showing again.

  2. Ha ha. The next book will make everyone's motivations more clear—the darkness will be relative to who you root for! And, optimism is a great thing to have!

  3. I was a bit disappointed to hear that one of the projects that KT was taking on was a story from the Bull's perspective. When I read from this genre I tend to want to read from the perspective of the couple, usually because those characters are more dynamic and, perhaps more than anything else, there is much more at stake for them.Though Atticus' exploits seem a bit too fantastical for me, this book is scorching hot(probably because of it frankly). This is a bit of an ambitious works. Even though there are many characters and it's still early on in the book, it seems clear that each has been as fleshed out as Jesse, Pete, and Tyler, or Mitch, Kate, Kiley, and Omar. If that sounded like a pun, I'm sorry.My personal favorite character from the first part is Courtney. She seems like she's someone who really knows what she wants, but shows a lot of vulnerability. I like that she is reluctant at first, but still capable of letting herself dive head first into the deep end. Seems like Atticus really makes that easy to do for her.Sean seems like a respectable guy too in his introduction too.Overall, pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this, and once again, I eagerly await the next book.

  4. Thanks for the quick commentary. I hope you aren't struggling too much trying to pulling next Cayman together. I read everything to date during this latest hiatus and hope to satisfy some of the different outcomes playing out in my mind with your thinking (usually different from mine)

  5. Not at all–think about Mitch and Kate a lot, have a lot of scenes I can't wait to zoom in on and explore! I tracked down all my research and smoothed out the problems. Obsessed just took over, came bubbling out and I went with it. Cayman Proxy will be back real soon, I'm pretty excited about seeing how it plays out. I know where it's going but the characters show me how they're going to get there, sometimes they even disagree. So when I write it's like I'm reading it as well. And I'm so looking forward to seeing what happens next.

  6. @Guhrka I do think it was pretty evil how that ended. At first it kind of felt like Atticus was like a Bull Mary Poppins, opening his umbrella and saying “my work is done here” but that quickly dissipated.

  7. Thank you, TB=TH! I'm so glad it's a scorcher. It is bull-centric but I write third person free indirect discourse so I can get into the heads of the others too. I like to bounce around viewpoints and the couples' headspaces will definitely be explored. I like bull's perspectives because they can be such an almost-equal partner in a relationship like this. They have hearts and minds and motivations that are fascinating to explore and really flesh out the experience. If that sounded like a pun, I'm sorry!Obsessed won't ignore the angst that a man and woman can experience. It will tackle it for sure. But I missed giving Tyler a voice in LHW. I love Omar and loved exploring his life. Would have enjoyed getting into Tyler's head but I felt like it would give too much away. He needed to be blank, a mystery. And I liked the claustrophobic intimacy of two voices only especially since the book was about their mutual destruction. I wanted the reader to feel stuck in their house with them.Atticus is the main character but he's just a piece of all these other people's sex lives. I want to explore them and their pain and joy just as much as him.And yes, I like Courtney very much too. She's a good person, thinks this all just fun, and she is a beast.

  8. TB=TH– So many subplots, I really am still getting my mind around what I think of the Atticus character. Like I said above, the last paragraph showed me a glimpse of what had been hinted at in a few select phrases earlier.A Mary Poppins bull…. Now that would shake up things in this genre!!!!

  9. Not sure you'll be talking about a “spoonful of sugar” in this case though…. but as long as it makes the medicine go down (pun intended).

  10. Not entirely sure! Cayman Proxy 7 and the next Obsessed are being written at the same time. I do chunks when I get inspiration and try to blast through when I'm really feeling it. Then I research and bounce around with other stories. There will be something new very shortly but I'm not sure what it will be!Her 30th Summer is getting a re-write and I've written a chapter and outlined the next probably ultra long format book. It will be called Losing His Wife 2 and I'm super excited. I think. This is pretty painful to write ha ha. It's not Pete and Jess but an all new couple in a new but similar, but uniquely different, situation…

  11. Good start to the story, and I like reading it primarily from the bull's perspective. It's something you don't see much in the genre, and I always enjoy new takes on the cuckolding genre. Each relationship, and each couple, is pretty distinct, and I can see any one of them (or all of them) causing great drama (and fun). Agree with others that I love the Courtney character…that relationship is probably my favorite at this point. Can't wait to read part 2.

  12. Thanks JL23, glad you liked it! I do try and write out of the formula, but while its interesting I don't know if it has the appeal that traditional methods have. I'm enjoying it because I'm building some freaky characters I really love. It's nice to have this break after wrecking myself emotionally over LHW. It's a nice reset and I'm very happy to say LHW2 is well under way and should be out fairly soon. Obsessed 2 is in the home stretch and should be out in a week…I enjoy Courtney a lot, she's great in book 2. Amy is so much fun. So much fun. We see a lot more in 2. But, me, I have a girl crush on Gretch…

  13. KT – I can't wait. Yeah, Gretch is pretty BA, really knows how to have a good time. I love her ability to manage the emotions that she harbors for Atticus, and stay in the moment with Mike too. I'm always going to be rooting for drama and controversy, though it's nice to see that love prevails there … but for whom? I think you have a soft spot for aspiring writers KT, or maybe Metallica Fans. lolI also liked that, in the same paragraph that mention that what you've been writing is a nice break from LHW, you update us on LHW2, :). Are you able to escape that series unscathed or is it causing similar emotions? I don't want to root for your discomfort, but whatever place you were mentally when you wrote LHW led to some pretty hot stuff. I'm not sure what that says about me or you frankly, ha.One question about O2 – Are there any new characters we should be ready for, or will the story grow with the current ones?

  14. That was weekend Gretch we saw in O1. O2 sees workweek Gretch in one of my favourite scenes I've ever written. LHW2 is at the stage where I'm writing all the good loving couple scenes. No angst. Just a setup so we can really feel pain as it comes undone. I know where it's going but it's just notecards at the moment, not fully realized. But it will sting once I start getting into it. A few scenes I wrote in LHW were day-ruiners for me, where I couldn't get out of my head what I'd done. I'm not looking forward to it but at the same time I look back fondly at the day I wrote such and such a scene. It won't come together until I have a couple I feel invested in. I'm still getting a feel for Geoff and Nia…O2: No new action-characters, just a better understanding of the ones we already have…

  15. Thanks for the Obsessed 2 teaser! I'm glad we can learn more with what characters we have, there is so much to learn as it is!I also appreciate the insight into your process. I'm lending all my moral support to all the immoral things Nia and Geoff are about to undertake!

  16. Ok. When a writer says a book is one of their favorites there is usually a very good reason why. Having finished Obsessed I understand why. The writing here! Poetic barely scratches the surface! Of course maybe some of it is just me and my own fond memories of the city and surrounding areas of Los Angeles, I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, but the prose evokes so much of the stirring heart of the local. And that is just in the opening chapters!A story from the bull's perspective. A truly tortured artist. Deeply, flawed but finding unique inspiration from muses he thinks to aid through their own unique voyages of self discovery. Until he finds one that totally rocks his world and can't figure out why. There's something to Atticus. Something much better than the story hints at and something horribly tragic you can just feel looming. He's so…. lost.Loving it so far, though mostly for the prose honestly.

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