In Defense of Jess Mapplethorpe

Let me spin a little tale for the Jess-haters (there’s a lot!) out there, a contextual allegory. I do it to maybe inspire some compassion for this poor woman…

You’re a dude. Your wife comes to you and says, quite embarrassedly, that she would enjoy watching you make love to another woman. You reject it, doesn’t feel right to you. She persists and eventually it feels like it might become a reality. You get close a few times but you feel too guilty to commit. You enjoy turning your wife on saying dirty things to her, seeing her react. Turns you on too. She starts relating to you how worthless she is as a lover, she gets off on it, but it starts to seep into your understanding of her.

Anyway to speed things up here, there’s a new co-worker starts in your office. She’s twenty-five and an absolute fucking smokeshow. Know what I mean? Pick whatever dream babe you want. Get this though. You start to think she might be a little into you. Know how amazing that would feel? And hey, your wife would want you to. Next thing you know you’re doing it in the lunch room and its the best sex ever. By far.

But really picture that. You do the dirtiest things to her, her to you, and your wife watches. She’s amazing, and beautiful, and you feel like she’s into you. At some point your body produces love chemicals that tell you to make babies, fall in love and reproduce. Those chemicals tell your rational mind to fuck right off. You can’t be without her. Your wife is worthless, remember? She tells you that all the time. She wants you to fuck this little lingerie model. Do it, man. Uh-oh she’s in trouble. Needs a place to stay. That paternal, avuncular side kicks in. You don’t want her to suffer. Any way you see where I’m going.

The things Jess did are very rational things a woman would do in that situation. We’re all victims of hormones. Our brains struggle to make sense of it all and work it out in our dumb ape language. Our morals, our slave morality, our sense of right and wrong, ideas of love and fairytale weddings, they’re all just concepts that help us make sense out of it all. But we’re also organic sacks that like to feel pleasure, like to make more of ourselves. the hormones in our body are there because they work. They make us make more of us. You can be a moral person but sometimes fighting science and biology can be too hard. Especially when all the elements fall into place.

Cuckolding and hotwifing is dangerous. Awesome and arousing but dangerous. You better keep your head on a swivel because it’s the fucking NFL out there and someone could run into you at 60mph when you’re looking down. I like different hotwife stories. My favourite are the solid couples who have it all figured out. An almost sociopathic duo that operate as one practically. A rock solid couple you know will never break up. Pete and Jess weren’t that couple. I didn’t know how dark i was going to go initially. It broke my heart. It was hard to write, really. I made Jess so wonderful I hated to let her get consumed like that. She had fun but…

It tickled me in ways that thinking of cuckolding never had before. Goldarnit, when Pete watched Tyler with his wife and boys coming home from the water park? Man, when Pete came home and heard them upstairs. Specifically when he heard Tyler through the door say, Uh-oh someones in trouble, and Jess giggled and said, Someone’s been a bad girl and got back into bed with him. Wow, I don’t know about you but those were harsh. Tickled that same part of the brain that is tickled by sexual cuckolding but it wasn’t necessarily sexual. It hurt better in some ways. Oh, like when Tyler knew a story about Jess (Jessica Garrett/Jessica Rabbit) that Pete didn’t know.

Netorare seems like it’s less sexual and more emotional and it was something to write. Painful to write. Typically netorare likes to go really far and bizarre (for my dull English tastes) and end in true destruction. Murder or suicide. But I couldn’t do that. At least not with this couple, haha.

All in all. I get the Jess hatred . It’s cool. But I feel like she’s a part of me and I don’t think what she did was entirely wrong. If Tyler had been all that she wanted him to be she would have stayed with him. Pete and Jess would be just another divorced couple. Jess saw a lot in Tyler that she wanted to see, but it wasn’t really there. The last book was a book about context. Get everyone out of that dark little house and see themselves in the real world up against real people. Jess saw herself now as a silly older woman (she wasn’t, it’s just now how she saw herself) who thought she was in love with a young boy. Tyler wasn’t what she thought. She, in her fantasies always saw him as a dad. In the driver seat of her minivan, acting like the father of their children. Basically being Pete. In Florida she saw him as he was. A twenty-five year old guy. Going to clubs, looking good, having fun, fighting, stealing a train for her boys because that’s what he thinks being a good dad would entail. She didn’t like him when he wasn’t in her house in Ohio, leading a life like what she was used to. She wanted him to lead her lifestyle. In Florida she got to live his lifestyle. That was the writing on the wall for her. That’s why she cried on the beach after she made love. that’s why she told him to stop and stand so she could admire him against the starlight sky. She knew it would probably be the last time they were together. She didn’t want to live a life like Pete had, wondering if he was fucking some pretty Taylor he met at a club. In Florida she knew they couldn’t be. It wasn’t their age difference. it was far more complicated than that. And she cried because she knew that she loved him, and she also knew that he loved her for real. But it would never be.

Pete’s context was being on the outside looking in. It removed that cuckold brain tickle that allowed him to permit Jess’ bad behaviour. It made him hard. But it wasn’t any fun when it was over. It removed the fugue he was in. Made it possible for him do what he needed to do.


  1. KT,As I said earlier, Jess was a woman going through a midlife crisis. She wanted to be young again. In the end I think she realized in Florida, as you said, that except for sex, she and Tyler had nothing in common. The trials and tribulations came from a lack of communication between her and Tyler and Pete. She really never had a good friendship with Tyler. She just had sex. And as she quit talking to Pete he quit talking to her. That is total doom for almost every relationship.Keep writing these stories, they are really great. Thanks for this one.

  2. When will you be doing the next Cayman book? The story kind of grew on me while I was waiting for Live Free. As to what you wrote above, I agree that Jess is certainly the more permanently harmed character with everything that happened. Not sure if she will ever be able to live with how close she came to destroying everything around her. While I think she realized after the trip how messed up it all was, I didn't see any evidence she could break out-of the downward spiral she was in. Pete truly broke that spiral and once the fog cleared, she seemed to realize ar least some of what she had done.

  3. I felt the same way when things started down the dark path several books ago. I could only cope with it by remembering these were characters and scenes that were out of KT's imagination… not real, but I must admit the empathy/anger at some them was just on the edge. She did a really good job.

  4. I felt the same way when things started down the dark path several books ago. I could only cope with it by remembering these were characters and scenes that were out of KT's imagination… not real, but I must admit the empathy/anger at some them was just on the edge. She did a really good job.

  5. Thank you! I miss Kate, Kiley, Omar, and Mitch. I will get back to them. I have the next book laid out and ready to fill in. I will keep you updated. It should have been out already but I went long on Losing His Wife.LHW: They all took a shit-kicking but I have to say I feel the worst for Jess. I feel bad for her guilt over what she did to Pete. Her guilt over what she risked with her children. She was careless.Those early scenes I wrote about her made me fall in love with her. Her classroom scene where she does the Banana Song and most specifically her contribution to the Halloween Party. She is at heart a kind and caring person.She fell in love with someone. Her bull. I feel bad that she lost him too. She lost everything. The last words I wrote (on purpose) was her scene running over the beach carried on Tyler's back, her talk with him, then making love. I got a bit upset, I ain't going to lie, because I wrote it knowing that she knew this was probably the end for her and Tyler. Everyone deserves to feel that head-over-heels love, it is amazing. It might have been a bit false since she saw more than what was there in Tyler, but she deserves happiness. That's all Pete ever wanted for her.In the end she's left with Pete. He's there for her still. Secretly she probably knew he always would be. That's tragic too.But I said it a bunch of times: Pete can take it, he has a strong back for burden. He deserves her burden in the end.

  6. I agree with what you are saying, but we see this a lot with cuckolding/hotwife stories it seems. I think readers take their own experiences and desires into these stories, and if they don't quite have the same fantasy its hard for them to understand it. They can't see how Pete wanted Jess to cuckold him; they only see her doing it and want to criticize her for treating him like “dirt.”I don't wish to be cuckolded myself; I couldn't handle my wife doing the things that Pete wanted Jess to do. But I feel like I've read enough of these stories to understand the mindset of a guy like Pete, so I always try to keep that mind when reading. Its about what he would want, not what I want. And Jess didn't start this, Pete did. Both of them ended up going too far and losing themselves, but both have their equal share of responsibility in that, in my opinion. This always seems to get lost.I find it interesting that a lot of people who are drawn to these stories are people who don't particularly want to be cuckolded and don't quite understand the fantasy. As I said, I count myself as one of those people. Personally, what drew me to these stories was the fantasy of being the other man, that takes the wife away from the husband. I go into most stories I read with that in mind, but in stories like this, where I begin to feel for the characters, I almost always side with the cuckolded husband and want the best for him. I guess that's because despite my fantasies in real life I am more an ordinary “Pete” than an alpha “Tyler.”But I think it also helps me to not reflexively blame the wife for everything that happens, even if I can't always understand her behavior. Because what the Petes of the world are asking the Jesses to do is dangerous; feelings can easily get complicated, and things can easily spiral out of control. So ultimately the cuckold always bears a share of the responsibility if things go off the rails.

  7. I guess my biggest question is does Jess still love Pete. Not as the father of her children not as a co-parent. Not as a friend. Does she still have love in her heart for her husband. If she truly fell for Tyler my answer is no she can't love Pete as “the” man in her life only as “a” man in her life. Which is why I think after a couple of years after this pregnancy she be on the hunt again. Maybe better preared this time. if her and Pete are still together. She'll reawaken those cuckold feelings in him. It will be easy now that she has experience and knows Pete's buttons. Pete won't resist either he fall back into his old ways. I don't think he can change his stripes only hide them for awhile. Most disturbing moment of the story for me (and there were a few that rank very high). Pete had just got his gonads back in order he was going to TAKE back his wife his family his home. He was charging to the finish. I was cheering him on “Go Pete Go! Watch out for the black ice Pete! Don't crash now you about to reclaim your love Pete! You made it Pete your going rescue your beloved from her stress! Oh shit Pete Tyler beat you to it…dammit man!Divorce oh double shit! Your screwed now buddy!”I thought for sure that hospital moment was Pete's to take only to find out it was his greatest loss. I didn't cry in the car with him but I did tip my glass of HP in commiseration. Close seconds in the angst department when he was trying to sex up his lovely but Tyler kept moving and then told him she planned to dump him. Then Pete told her he disn't like the hurt and as he was bleeding his heart out she started to fuck Tyler and vice versa. Bad momment for me wanted to shot gun them both.Second runner up I wanted to kick Pete in the nuts when they were in the basement with the train set and Tyler had jess strip then grab one of Pete's trains and Pete just let it all happen.Well that's my tops but not the onlys. KT did a marvelous job of hooking me into this story. From allowing Tyler to stay over to thanksgiving dinner. Wow and new years whoa. Very few stories hook me because I don't get the players i dont connect with them. I've Read Some really Good Ones and alot of disappointing ones. This was a good one.

  8. Your allegory doesn't work for me. If I did my wife the way Jess did Pete, there would be no denying the fact that I would be a low life POS bastard.

  9. You could see how it could transpire though. And in the end I think that the physical actions that occurred between Jess and Tyler were things that Pete wanted. Pete liked her doing all those dirty things. The falling in love was bad but it was natural…Getting pregnant however…I think the allegory works. But your opinion is that someone who does that is a POS. And for a person of high moral standards you are right. When a couple engages in this activity the morals get a little greyed.And I think there actually would be some denying that you are a POS bastard. A lot of people would say that but behind closed doors they would say that she was asking for it, what was she thinking?

  10. Pete liked them but he asked her to stop, though. When she didn't is when it switched from hotwife/cuckolding to adultery and she became a POS. That, and the harm she inflicted on the relationship between Pete and the kids.That's the whole thing, his asking her to stop and her not doing it immediately. Your excellent story here is different from the Sara Desmarais type stuff. You even go beyond the Ben Boswell/Arnica Butler stuff. In those, as I bet you know, it seems the underlying relationship between the husband and wife is pretty solid and they are just trying to figure out the nature of it. You could also write horror stories that would put King to shame, KT. You took me to a very dark place that is as scary as vampires but could actually happen. I can't think of your writing now without getting nervous.

  11. Thank you! Maybe I do write horror stories…I love Stephen King so much. Grew up reading that and can quote almost every line from his erotic scenes in his horror books without looking them up. They had impact on me because he had character first, then context second. It made me care about the person, identify with them, and then truly appreciate the things that occur around them or to them. Whether it's a clown in the sewer that's after you or a handjob with a sponge in a bathtub you pay attention because of the characters.The fact that thinking of my writing makes you nervous is the highest compliment imaginable!

  12. KT, You had me on the hook the entire series! I found myself checking every few days for the next book! I was rooting for Pete and Jess to get it together, I was sad that they didn't but I was glad Pete got Tyler out of therein the end. Look forward to more of your stories!

  13. Thank you for the support! I'm so happy for the positive response to Pete and Jess and their awful plight. I'd love to revisit them, I have withdrawals. I've missed writing about them these last weeks. Fortunately, I have more stories to tell!

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