This is the last book in the series. It was painful to write the last few words I would write about the Mapplethorpes and good old Tyler. They’re all I would think about every day for the last few months.

I will miss them so much.

Stay out of the comments until you’ve read the book (unless you like spoilers)! I will try and answer everybody’s questions…


  1. Hi KT, would you mind giving us any teasers on the new books you mention in Guhrka's thread? Specifically, does Size Curious Brat 2 carry on from the first book? Is it too early to talk about Bull by Night?

  2. Sure!Size Curious Brat 2 will tell events on the following day. I will probably write more stories with Matt and Chloe. Writing Chloe puts me in such a good mood. I needed it after all the heartbreak with Jess and Pete. Whenever I'm feeling down Chloe's simplicity could cheer me up!Bull By Night: Not sure if that's the title or not, that's what I saved the file as. It will be a bull's perspective, or a bull's story. Not a lone narrative though. He will have the prime story but there will be satellite stories that surround him, told in supporting character's perspectives. It will be a very different locale, have a suspense theme, will be a little sleek and dark and upscale.If anyone is inclined to give an opinion I wouldn't mind hearing how you like your content. Do you like the 99cent shorts or do you prefer to get a novel-sized chunk at a time?

  3. I like the parallel to inviting a demon/vampire into your home. Pete says that at the end of Advent. The ending for Tyler is like a demonic banishment. LHW is essentially The Exorcist retold! Kidding. I did like him disappearing down the hall getting dimmer as he disappeared into darkness, his demonic powers over Pete's family fading until he passed through a portal (the rumbling sliding door).As far as Tyler putting a video online: I like the tension that the idea would create, I was aware of it, but the truth is that Tyler is a boy who really was in love with Jess. He wouldn't harm her. He just wanted to make a video of them together. I would say that he's kept that video and he'll watch it when they're apart and he'll feel bad, miss Jess.Mark: I don't think Pete would have had the guts to ask Mark for help. And saving his family is better done (symbolically) alone. His idea on what to do probably was quite hastily assembled. Not very well thought out other than he was going to show Jess what Tyler really was. He also wouldn't invite the possibility of gunfire into his life. Stray bullets and his Jess—bad mix. I also think that the death of Tyler would be too extreme. He's just a guy who likes girls and likes to bang. He's not really a demon. He doesn't deserve to die. Just be banished.I wanted to make a note but didn't find the space, that Pete's ploy with the threat of Mark wouldn't have been probably as successful if their neighbour hadn't arrived at that fortuitous moment. That drove the possibility home to Tyler, made him question Pete's resolve, shook him.

  4. For the most part, I prefer the format of LHW, since the smaller releases keep me engaged rather than waiting longer for the full book. That also lets you work on multiple projects at once, but that may drive you a bit psychotic at times, so many personalities in your head at the same time.At the end of the day, it probably depends on how the storytelling works forgot. I imagine sometimes you get so into it that you could write it all in a long week, and have it work out right. Other times it might take more contemplation as to how different personalities would really cope with the situations you create. Also you might need to do some research between smaller stories in a larger book.Not sure about the financial part would work either, but that might be significant enough to check out.Bottom line, it probably comes down to what works out best for your available time, style and the particular story your telling.

  5. The first line in the second paragraph below should have read, “At the end of the day, it probably depends on how the storytelling works for you.”

  6. Thanks for the updates on your future work! I'll throw in my 2 cents and say that LHW was probably made even better by your method of updating us on the story. I also vote you continue doing that.

  7. TB=TH — Actually, as I said above, I like the LHW format best for me as a reader, it's just that might be too crazy for KT to do that on everything, and depending on the book it might be easier to do an entire work in one continuous effort.Anyway, I'll take being lumped in with your lune of thinking.

  8. KT,I see that 'Her 30th Summer' is a future project, what about the other bookend on your blog header, 'Obscene'?I agree with Guhrka on doing what is best for you as far as writing goes, to me the price point doesn't matter for you have sold me on your ability to tell a tale. A list of future stuff and tentative dates of publishing would be great for following your work.

  9. The other book, Obscene, is the Bull By Night book. Still trying to figure out a title that captures the subject properly. As far as a publishing schedule goes: I write every day, usually on whatever I feel like so it's hard to nail down what book will appear first. As it stands today it would seem that Obscene (or whatever it will finally be titled) will be out first. Before Cayman Proxy. Her 30th Summer will be a complete book I think, like Going A Little Too Far, so not sure when it will be ready. Obscene lends itself to a series quite well. I may do a bunch of novellas featuring the characters that will eventually tell a grander tale. It is quite sex heavy. Lots of character development through that sex but it is very much a sex-action book with lots of wife watching and cuckolding and some other ideas thrown in there for good measure. It will be a series but probably not quite done the way that LHW was. I have another novella on the go as well about a young couple on a research grant in British Honduras in the summer of 1969. Lots of great stuff in it so far but looking for a way to tie it all together before it is release ready. After that: I have lots and lots of notes about things I want to tackle. I put them together as they come to me so when I'm ready to write I can get through it quickly before I lose my grasp on it. I asked about the series because I worried that people didn't like that method. I feel like it was good for me because the story worked being told like that and frequent releases meant more people were exposed to it. I think it was read by more people because it was a series. One big release of a 160,000 word book might have just sailed over everyone's head and then dropped from sight. I just wondered if while it worked for me exposure wise it might have ruined the reader experience, or maybe just not have been optimal. I'm glad to hear the positive. When it works I will release a story like that again!

  10. KTThe only downside I see personally to a series is I go nuts waiting for the next chapter/book. A complete book allows me to mainline it to the end. Once again if chapter by chapter works best for you, that is great, again I can't wait for your next effort.

  11. KT.. Im glad I was able to make you sweat a little. Since your story had my emotions on a roller coaster ride..we all looked at theses characters differently saw somethin similar but some saw further out and some saw closer in. I just got lucky when I thought about someone from the past but it just made sense since we were introduced to him as someone with a past.

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