New Year

The latest book in the Losing His Wife series is now available.

What can you do if someone you love has fallen for someone else? Can someone love two people? Can the relationship work for everyone…

A lot happens here and I don’t want to give anything away, but we do see the beginning of the end.

A preview:

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  1. What a shock ending of this book. It makes me wonder if the kids fight at school and Jess's anxiety attack, caused her to push Pete away as a way to protect him or as away to protect herself. She had been told several times she was causing Pete pain. She herself has been going through some bad hurt herself. Plus maybe she was thinking if Pete fought Tyler for her it would go much worse for Pete then a knocked out tooth. Or perhaps as others have said she really wants to be with the more dominant Tyler. Warning for Jess be careful what you wish for. You just might get it. 🙂 Didn't Tyler say he left his last job because of a jealous husband? Seems like Tyler likes married women better. what will he do with a divorced Jess on his hands and no job yet the moocher. Good job KT balancing us readers on the seesaw. Now I have no idea which way this will end up. Dang it!

  2. Wow, I didn't see that coming. Jess is now in major trouble. Sara knows what's happening and it looks like her teacher of the year job could be in trouble. She's told Pete she wants a divorce so she has pushed him to the limit. Pete has reached his limit and seems to have stiffened his spine and is looking like the true male he is. And Tyler has shown he only truly cares about himself. Can't wait for the final chapter. (Hurry).Great story.

  3. Tinsoldier– I agree with you. As I wrote at the bottom of the Advent blog post, Jenny seems to be moving to a very precarious situation… Perhaps soon having no job or being able to get one as a teacher, and living with a deadbeat who was driven to ruin her husband. Time will tell if he has anything but the Lust of the capture, so to speak, or love.

  4. i enjoyed this story, and felt like the ending was the direction that jess should take. while i have made it very clear that i'm rooting for tyler to be the grand winner in this relationship, i wouldnt be opposed to pete having a place still. i would love to see pete take the subservient role to the dominant couple and find erotic satisfaction in doing so. i was sorta bummed that he told jess he didn't want to be humiliated anymore. perhaps he will find he misses it and ask her to continue it. the making love scene between tyler and jess in this chapter was super hot, especially the part at it's conclusion with what tyler does to her (or in her)

  5. I think Pete will still like the humiliation game. I don't think he wants it to go as far as it has. It was a hard balance to begin with when you invite a dominant like tyler but I don't think Pete or Jess knew just how dominant Tyler was going to get. Or Pete how sub jess was going to get.

  6. No matter how you feel, IMHO you have to remember that Pete really falls into the cuckold category of a man who wants his wife to have sexual satisfaction, but not emotional satisfaction from another man. KT has created her characters in that way. That said you always run the risk of emotional infidelity and that is what Jess did to him with Tyler. We all must remember that while Tyler may be an Alpha male physically he's still just a spoiled little boy in his own way. Jess will lose a husband and gain a boy toy. Not a good trade in my book.

  7. The only gripe I have had to date in this entire series is that we do not know what happened the night Tyler and Jess confessed their love for one another. I am left to assume that nothing of note happened in the events immediately following Advent, since it jumped to Year's Eve for the next part. I had expected that Advent ended as a cliff hanger.Loving the series!

  8. There are a few things like that, particularly in the last two books. What was on Tyler's cell phone that he reacted so violently when confronted by Jess? Does he have someone else he is working on as well as Jess? How did Tyler get to the hospital with the kids, without any money and just a Motorcycle? Who called him instead of Pete? Did Pete do anything to Tyler's stuff before he got to the school? Lastly, why did K.T. Say at the end of New Year “Do not despair”.

  9. There are a few things like that, particularly in the last two books. What was on Tyler's cell phone that he reacted so violently when confronted by Jess? Does he have someone else he is working on as well as Jess? How did Tyler get to the hospital with the kids, without any money and just a Motorcycle? Who called him instead of Pete? Did Pete do anything to Tyler's stuff before he got to the school? Lastly, why did K.T. Say at the end of New Year “Do not despair”.

  10. Great sex scenes as usual in this one! Though I have to agree with Peppermint that the cuckold humiliation was lacking in it. That's what made much of the series so erotic!Always room for more of it coming up though. All of that unprotected sex seems to be pointing towards a happy, little inevitability :).

  11. So the question on my mind now is if Pete is no longer in the relatonship is he still a cuckold? If they divorce and Jess has pity sex with Pete would that make Tyler the cuckold? If Tyler gets a descent job and works long hours to get ahead to provide for his family will jess ever wonder why she traded up? If he cheats with a hot looking co-worker will she cut his balls off and hand them to pete as an apology? Will Tyler and Jess live happily ever after with their 5 kids and debt out the ass? Or will Pete get a second chance?The anticipation is terrible I hope it lasts. 🙂

  12. I don't want to reply to too many of these questions for fear of giving something away, but I wanted to say something about the end of Advent. :)I had put in conversation explaining why Tyler and the kids were already there, but it wrecked the flow for me. It made it sound clunky and most importantly I felt like it gave a way a bit of the divorce/punchline. Took the impact out of the revelation of Jess' decision. The school would have called Save-Mart. No answer. Pete doesn't really have a secretary. When Jess was calmed down at the hospital, she called the person she wanted to see. Tyler. She told him to bring the kids, she desperately wanted to see them. She had thought she was dying, now elated, and unburdened by making a decision, she needed to be with them. Tyler got a cab, rounded up the boys. No, he doesn't have much money, but he could scrounge up twenty dollars in an emergency I would figure. Pete's arrival was unexpected.Maybe I should have illuminated that a bit better, I just sacrificed it for emotional impact on Pete and a good scene flow!As for 'despair': I didn't want a reader to think that was the end. Too abrupt, too many unanswered questions. 'Don't despair' as in, we'll learn more about their future…

  13. Thanks, I didn't think you would have time to respond with your deadline for the next book this weekend. You did seem to get a bit of a buzz going with New Year. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be heading the way I had hoped, guess I'm just the eternal optimist, even though the odds are against it really happening.

  14. Thanks, I didn't think you would have time to respond with your deadline for the next book this weekend. You did seem to get a bit of a buzz going with New Year. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be heading the way I had hoped, guess I'm just the eternal optimist, even though the odds are against it really happening.

  15. @gurka.. I hear you and I have to keep reminding myself that the title is “Losing his wife a cuckold tragedy” I keep trying to spin it so that Tyler is the one losing his wife but I get mixed emotions. Pete was the idiot who started this roller coaster does he deserve what he gets? On the other hand he gave Jess all he had and came up short (snicker snicker). I have to say that Jess and Pete had a good marriage. Jess is not going to do as well as she has winning all her awards as a teacher gaining the respect of friends family and community. She will now have to start all over again. I thought that even though Pete started it, Jess should have been able to say no at some point. She never even came the first time should have ended there.

  16. @KT.. worded it perfectly and your right any other way would have messed up the surprise and ruined the shock effect. I still think I was more shocked then Pete. 😉 I really thought this was going to be his get back together moment with Jess.

  17. A couple of last comments on what I think will happen in the last book based on K.T.'s comments above both over and subtle. First, if the character “momentum” stays consistent with the rest of this series, it seems obvious that Jess will likely continue her downward spiral of letting her family get destroyed.Pete will likely not recover from the latest body-slam he got at the end, after a slight change in momentum that didn't last too long. K.T. breathe some life and spirit back into him, maybe with is wife's friend? Possible, but it goes against how he has been brought along as a character so far, so I don't think K.T. will go that way.Tyler, the bully and center of this story, will likely continue on his current path, although it is not totally clear to me how K.T. will handle him, since he has already won the “game” that I believe he sees all things. Will he back off and just leave Pete and Jess and the kids since the game is done? I don't think he will, even though K.T. has described some of his looks as “somber” as he sees the pain he has caused for this family. Any change in him is a real long shot, given the general momentum consistency throughout this series.Pete's sister and Jean's friend (Sara?)… Probably the hardest to figure if they can have any effect, given this is the last chapter. My optimism has not served me well so far in this series, so I won't comment further.The kids… This is really hard,almost brings a tear to my eye, but I don't see anything good given the momentum of the other key characters.Sure, my general optimism can spin all sorts of characters deciding and acting in a way that could help there situation, but Tyler sees isolating them from Pete as the ultimate humiliation to him. Jess will want to keep them with her, since she will want to do whatever Tyler tells her to do, and has hurt Pete so badly that she won't blink an eye to hurt him again.The only chance to stop all this is if someone turns things upside down and lets the school know about Jess's involvement with Pete in them office incident. Hard to read what K.T. will do tie up this loose end. I have read some of her other stories of this genre, and she has handled her characters differently in this one.Anyway, does anyone else want to offer up how they think these characters will come out in the final book? The winner who comes closest to what the book turns out to be can have a beer (or wine if you prefer), look in the mirror, and scream “I got it right”.

  18. Possibly someone from Tyler's past will turn up maybe a divorcee with a couple of kids one of which looks a little like tyler while the other looks nothing like him. Or perhaps Tyler gets served. How did they know where to find him…hello Sarah or Patty. That's the happy ending version.Since I'm gonna be wrong no matter what I will also guess..Jess is so under Tyler's spell but still loves Pete. She will give false hope to Pete per Tyler's instruction but refuse him to prevent Pete from getting further hurt.She'll need her kids but eventually her need for Tyler will out weigh her need for them(this happened to me for real 20 plus years ago). So she will abandon the family in favor of Tyler. Pete gets the kids and moves on with his life getting promoted to district manager.

  19. Not much time in one booked weave in some new characters like that. But I do like your ending, even though it may mean that I will lose.

  20. K.T. will probably laugh herself sick at us trying to figure out what's in her mind. Also, sorry to hear about your misfortune years ago.

  21. Well KT written it so well I had hope and angst through out the story. I was hoping Pete and Jess would end up together with the family intact. But KT smashed the hell out of that idea. Probably makes sense after what they went thru no way things were gonna be back to business as usual. Jess will seriously need some mental health help. Not to sure what's left to mop up. Unless Jess changes her mind. I do fantasize about Pete running over Tyler with his on Bike.About my misfortune.. best thing that happened to me.. being a single parent was most rewarding and my daughter and I are just as close now as we were then. Not so much with her mom. She's 24 now was 3 at the time we were abandoned.

  22. KT has built a picture of infidelity and pleasure over vows and commitment. Yes Pete started it all, but from the beginning Jess has broken all the rules including her own for pleasure. She has shown herself to be selfish while trying to delude herself that she is a good mother. As I have said before Tyler is Tyler. And Pete, everyone considers him a weak Beta male, but just because he wants someone else's pleasure over his own, and hates conflict, it doesn't make him weak. He will appear that way until he reaches his point of no return. I see Pete putting Jess out on her ear with Tyler, keeping his boys, and house. Jess will be outed at school, and maybe an inference of Anna getting into Pete's future.

  23. tinsoldier– What do you think happens to Jess after she ends up with Tyler and no job? Not sure we will care much if Pete throws her out and has the kids with him in their house.I would like something to happen to Tyler, just so he gets a lesson about what can happen when the world turns you. Probably too optimistic to hope for that however.

  24. Jess has really screwed up her life. It looks like she has set herself up for a total melt down of her life over sex. I live by the old adage that when you marry some one that cheats, you only get someone who cheats on their spouse. While she started with Pete's permission she took it to a whole new level with her actions. Jess really is the tragic part of this for she will probably lose everything. I believe that Pete will go after her to protect his boys. That said to me it looks like Tyler is a player, Jess is caught up in his web. Long term, Tyler will always be looking for another conquest, and may eventually run into a husband that doesn't take to kindly to his exploits. I think Pete will survive, but in the end it is KT's story and her call on what will happen.My view on all of this is based on my life, a wife who had an affair (20+ years ago), and yet I can say that I have been married to her for 40 years now.

  25. As I think about some of the other scenarios painted above, something really struck me that I've seen happen fairly often before. When a person with a normal self-image (that is that they think they are a generally good person at heart), destroys an innocent person either physically or emotionally, a kind of PTSD occurs due to the immense guilt. We somewhat see that start to happen with Jess, but I don't think she fully realizes what is happening yet, and it will really begin to get worse. While Tyler hasn't shown it yet, K.T. did describe him having a somber face at the end.I would expect one or both of them to totally break down. The only way either of these characters would not experience crippling guilt is if they are truly evil at this point. Since these characters were born and live in K.T.'s imagination, I'm interested in how she will deal with someone's overwhelming guilt. Of course, I haven't been right in predicting much about these characters so far in this series so… I am probably wrong yet again.It would be easier to figure out Tyler if we knew more details about his past, but we won't until after K.T. lets us read the last book.

  26. it really annoys me that people are assuming that jess has messed up her life without knowing the full backstory of her marriage or her life. just cuz she is married and has 2 kids you automatically assume she has a great life that she is about to throw away? jess is not entitled to be happy, or at least attempt to achieve more happiness? just cuz tyler is this physical hunk who is 10 yrs younger than her, somehow automatically makes him a player who will leave her for his next conquest? even when KT finishes the series, we're still gonna be woefully uninformed about pete and jess's marriage and personal histories. and yet, people here will still criticize her choices as if they somehow know whats best for her. you do know that in the united states, 50% of marriages end in divorce right? some here likely see that as an epidemic… me? i see it as people feeling they have more freedom to seek happiness, rather than settling for something that doesn't work. stop living in the 1940s… k?

  27. Peppermint– Actually, I thought Jess and Pete were the characters that K.T. developed the most in the series. We know almost nothing about what drives Tyler's character.But, to each their own. Hope you enjoy the final book. I suspect you will like the ending more than me, but maybe we will all be thrown a curve.

  28. Peppermint, I just finished rereading the story from the beginning. You have valid points about happiness, but you have missed some parts about the morals of the characters. Tyler has lied to Jess by telling her that Pete wants to experience anal sex and making him seem less of a man. He has told Pete he is going to take his family from him. I have no respect for any man or woman who would do this. He has done everything he has needed to do right or wrong to make this happen. He is a player.Jess has exhibited poor morals, she has forgotten her vows and choices. If Pete was such a poor man and she was going to dump him, then she should have. If her marriage to a man that fathered her 2 boys, provided her with a house and home was so bad, she should have ended it not used him until something better comes along. If she thought Tyler was her savior, the she should have put him on hold, ended her marriage to Pete and moved on. Again she only cared about herself. She quit communicating with Pete and just blew him off. She pays lip service to caring about her boys but has done the same thing to Pete that her mother did to her dad. You make the call on her moral character.I don't mean any of this to be confrontational, it is just the opinion of a man who feels that sharing within a marriage (cuckolding) is OK if done with respect, and by that I mean respecting feelings and boundaries of your spouse. Again, yes Pete started it but Jess and Tyler ignored his feelings for their own pleasure. That's morally wrong. It may happen in the real world, but it is still wrong.

  29. Please tell us the name of the last book? After the last one came out I have not been as excited for this last one. The last one left me feeling so sad and angry about what Jess has done that I am happy to be finishing up this book.

  30. well yes, i agree that we can argue morality of choices until we're blue in the face. could jess and tyler have handled various situations and scenarios better or been more considerate to pete? sure, absolutely, but regardless, any choice we make is not going to please 100% of the masses. has jess made choices that were more aimed to pleasing her than the rest of her family? yes. but to me, that's human be selfish when it comes to self-preservation and basic wants.@anonymous: why you sad and angry about what jess has done? didn't the title of the series give you some foreshadowing as to what this series was about? c'mon man..

  31. I agree with your assessment. Jess is really gobe into some uncharted territory. Her life before Tyler was not an unhappy on that I can see. But she had that one kink that let Tyler slip in. Yup Pete started it but I think he had an expectation that Jess would know when to say “No” and that was a big mistake. Recognizing too late that he needed to intervene.I agree also Tyler is a player. His function in all this was to pull jess away from Pete. He's done it before. That's how he so quickly installed himself into Jess's life. He had experience.

  32. So your perspective was that Jess was unhappily married for years before Tyler stepped in and improved her orgasms. I'm not saying your wrong but my perspective is; with out Tyler she and Pete were happy. It was Pete who pushed for her to have an extramarital sex. She didn't hunt down Tyler or meet him at a bar. She didn't really want to do any of this until Pete convinced her. She didn't even cum with her first time with Tyler. Once she started and Pete kept pushing her, humiliation of Pete was more for punishment then pleasure. kind of a way to get Pete to stop with out killing his fantasy. Oops that backfired. The reason for the divorce for me is not because she loves Tyler so much (which she had to do because Pete essentially was pushing her away) but because of the pain she was causing by staying with Pete. It's a sacrifice play. Maybe she will be happy with tyler eventually have his kids and live happily ever after. For me she already had all that with Pete.Btw Pete's no hero but he was the one she was raising a family with and the father of the kids. Not something you trade up for unless he's a shit dad. I think we can agree that he is a good dad.

  33. I like most if what your saying here. But I disagree slightly on the communication I think jess's humiliation tactics of Pete was a cry for help to stop the merry-go-round.

  34. I'd love to but I can't. It will cause a lot of speculation around here. And some of the crack shots will start spouting some pretty good theories and before you know it they'll have the whole thing figured out.I'm really sorry if you've been bothered by the story. Honestly. I get it. It's erotica. Are we supposed to be crying? I've asked myself that while I'm writing. Hey, KT, aren't we supposed to be having fun here? But I create the characters, get to know them, give them a situation and they tell me where it's going to go. Blame the characters!I really hope you'll stick it out. it would be a shame not to see it through to the end.If you'd like something a little more upbeat may I suggest my 'Going A Little Too Far' or 'Size Curious Brat.' They're both a lot lighter. A lot more fun.The book will be out on Monday, I think. Maybe tomorrow but it's not looking good. Not because I'm out enjoying the fabulous summer, but because the book is going long. Real long. I can't let go of these characters!

  35. @ KT ..Maybe a sequel in the future? We love you charactors. They have gotten us all so involved with your story. I keep vascilating between wanting to choke Tyler out to bitch slapping Jess to kicking Pete in the nuts. Very good characters to invoke that kind of emotion from me. Trying to figure out who is the real victim here is a huge challenge. Seems to me like the one who had the most abilty to control it was the most tragic. Really looking forward to the next book keep on trucking and I find 4 fingers of Highland Park helps to cure writers cramp (as well as other ailments). 😉

  36. K.T.– I don't want you to get a big head or anything, but I don't believe if this was just erotica, your readers would not have spoken of your characters so much. It is really tough to write something and not get swayed by all if us writing what we think (although I know that so far, my comments haven't affected outcomes much, if at all). So your characters are certainly following the path of your imagination. Bottom line is that based on the level of interest, this would seem to be your hottest level of interest of the books of yours that I have read.And, while I want to see the next book out, I can certainly wait a few days for you to relax a bit and enjoy life.

  37. Again just a different perspective. I don't think Jess was doing it to please herself i think she did it to please Pete. But somewhere in the mix it became good for her. Due to some manipulation by Tyler and by alot of acquiescents by Pete. I think she got confused and went with the flow. The path that took her away from the suffering she was causing Pete. Really like your take on it. Its thought provoking.

  38. I finally got around to reading Cayman Proxy (1-6). A little slower developing the plot than LHW, but that was due to developing the characters and their backgrounds. So far (6 is not the end), I am really impressed, although the plot is a bit different and a lot more balanced ups and downs than LHW, which made it seem a lot less “dark” overall. Probably erotic enough for most as well.

  39. Yes, but I thought it was more than that. Probably because there were more possibilities for different outcomes what with Kiley and Steve.

  40. Book is done–going to go back though, blowing up one scene, making it bigger. Then edits, compiling, and I can submit! Late Tuesday, early Wednesday, depending on Amazon's review process. It is the longest book in the series.

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