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Advent, of course, for the time of year, but also from the latin for “coming.” Not dirty, come on. Maybe a little. More because something ‘comes’ here, emerges, arrives, and we’ve been waiting…

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  1. Wow, pretty dark, seemed shorter than previous books, but not sure I could take much more evil in one sitting. Seems like Tyler has really turned evil in a big way,no more even trying to looking good. With Jess in a tight orbit around him, and not able to break out anymore, and Pete while in an orbit further out does not have the strength. And the destruction of their family is really close at hand. Maybe his sister? Obviously,you know how it's going go, I hope it involve Tyler losing a few appendages that Pete can have as a trophy.

  2. This series has been absolutely gripping from start until now, I cannot wait to see how this plays out now that Tyler and Jess have made their feelings for each other known (as if we didn't already know). The pace of how these books have been loaded onto Kindle has me checking for the next one constantly! Please don't make us wait too long for the next installment. All the stars.

  3. Another excellent addition to the series. I got my popcorn ready for the next book. The angst is just growing exponentially each book, along with my anticipation. I'm still hoping Pete gets that shotgun for xmas from either his sister or father-in-law. Even if he j uh st accidentally blast Tyler's bike.

  4. Really good crafting of this tale, you've really put put several characters in a situation where they only have high risk options left. As I think about it, as unlikely as it seems, that Pete may be the only one who still has a chance to to save both the kids and his wife, but there is a high likelihood of failure. Sometimes I have seen even weak men will do extraordinary things when their family is truly threatened. Anyway, I really look forward to how you are going weave your tapestry.

  5. Second shortest so far. 12,000 words. Ended were it was because the next segment is longer and there was no place for a break in it without releasing an episode that is up in the 30,000 word vicinity. There's another reason but I can't say too much! Don't like to give things away.And yes, very dark. Hope there's some light soon. Bumming myself out. Losing appendages? That would be some ending! Tarantino meets erotica. I kind of like that.We'll have to see…

  6. why so many readers here rooting for pete? sorry, but that's boring. I find it more interesting that these characters have adapted to their evolutionary roles. jess and tyler are clearly more suited for each other in the looks dept. and have taken what they feel they deserve on a more primitive, basic needs level. even if pete 'grew a pair' as some people here are clamoring for, he's still going to be the one with a small dick, balding head, and dead-end job. just 'cuz he and jess married out of convenience for her first pregnancy, does not mean she should go back to settling for him. she's clearly found the man who satisfies those many itches that she has. the idea of pete taking a shotgun or some other violent method upon tyler, isn't going to endear himself to jess or even his own boys who have forged their own bonds with tyler. A more interesting ending would be seeing if some sort of complicated compromise could be reached between the 3 main characters.

  7. Peppermint–to each their own. I have to say that of the three main characters, Pete seems to represent more of an “everyman”, who until he and Jess opened the door to this whirlpool, loved and supported his wife and family. He works every day to support them, and is not a parasite that Tyler is. The author has been trying toggle us some hints to illuminate the depths of some of her characters, but she is pretty Suttle about some of them. You talk about Pete “growing a Pair”, but that the size below the belt is not the measure of a man, maybe just that he is visibly male. How much strength of character, integrity, loyalty, and mental,emotional toughness gives a better sense of the man.Tyler, while definitely a large male, is clearly not much of a man. He is a parasite,sucking the life-force out of this family that was good enough to take him in. He won't get a job so he can move out, and only interacts with the kids to hurt Pete. The only time he even acted with some glimmer of a man was when he covered for Jess in his office in the beginning, and has turned increasingly evil since then

  8. If you had read the other comments, you'd have realized the “growing a pair” reference was not made by me, but by other readers who suddenly want to see pete be more of a man. I never claimed that pete wasn't a good man, or isn't an “everyman”, but I think Jess is out of his league and the author has made many points to substantiate that idea. Also, if you had read some of the author's earlier replies on previous pages, you'd see that tyler is not in fact evil, but handling this difficult situation in a less than mature fashion.

  9. Interesting… I guess we each see these characters a bit differently. I hope the author doesn't hurt herself falling off a chair laughing at us. Hope you enjoy the rest of the series!!

  10. I absolutely love this! I wish I could join in on the conversation, hopefully we all can once the last book is out. You can't imagine the thrill creating characters people care about…

  11. Well said. I agree wholeheartedly. What I really like about this series is the rock-ribbed reality. The “happily-ever-after” hotwife stories from other authors are all well and good, but after reading a few of these saccharine sagas, one develops a taste for something….meatier.

  12. Please oh please tell me that the next book has been uploaded to Amazon. This waiting to see how all this turns out is getting to me.

  13. I wish I had read some of your earlier responses to earlier chapters earlier. I agree that Jess is the most tragic character of all of them. I think that the initial post someone wrote for this chapter probably sums it up best… Jess has fallen into such a tight orbit (I would say submissive) that she will not escape without help. It seems to me she is very vulnerable to Tyler, and would accept anything he might do to her, no matter how degrading and destructive to her life. Looking forward to the next chapter/book.

  14. The next book will be up very shortly (today), I hope we all get some answers around here! And I can't wait to talk about the characters when the story is over, if anyone is still interested.

  15. I might be,although the logistics might be difficult. I also thought about several different end game scenarios that you might be interested in future stories of the same genre. Different, but combining some thoughts from your “A little too far” story and the characters from “LMW” and some outside the box stuff that would go a bit further into the “darker” side, but really end on a super bright note for most of the characters. Hope to start on your new book soon.

  16. Wow, that hurt. I had hoped for a light at the end of the tunnel, tuned out to be an oncoming train. Not even sure that I can take another one with evil winning out in the end.

  17. My preceding comments were about your new chapter, “New Year”. I had been hopeful the momentum would change direction with this one.

  18. Well all I can say is I am numb after reading New Year. Jess has checked out of her marriage. Why should Pete leave? She is the one wantng out. Hoping he makes her and Tyler leave. The boys need to be with Pete. Jess has what she wanted at the cost of her boys and husband. Was so hoping she would wake up to what she was doing. I have felt sorry for Pete all along but now I know Jess really is the more tragic person in this book. If we were not one book away from finishing I would have to stop reading it.

  19. I totally agree. Was so hoping Pete would win her from Tyler. Hate to see him end up with her. So hope Pete makes a stand for the boys and does not give up on them also.

  20. I agree, if the last book is a denoument, meaning it just cleans up the loose ends after the new “path” has been determined, this is a really bad scene. I don't see anything positive for any characters besides Tyler. Jess is really vulnerable, in a lot of works of this genre, Tyler would get tired of her after the novelty of stealing Pete's family (or at least his wife), he could easily blackmail her into letting him become her pimp. If someone turns her in for what she did in the gym office with Tyler,she loses her job, and won't get another. Stuck with a deadbeat sex-toy like Tyler with no way to have a decent income would likely have Tyler forcing her the same way. Probably the most positive path for her is if Tyler is hit and killed on his motorcycle.Hate to be so negative,but for Jess, all hope is lost, she just doesn't realize it since she is only focused on her list, and not love.

  21. By the way, I totally agree with your comment about Pete's boys. It may take some threatening to “turn her in” so the incident in the gym office, but he needs to get it done. I wonder how Pete's sister will react to everything. She might well be a wild card in all this, or may Jess's best friend (whose advice she ignored).

  22. will there be a new page for new year, or should we continue commenting here for the latest chapter?

  23. I guess it will take some time to cycle there posting sit in…. K T — Hope you are doing okay with the comments here. That last chapter surprised more than just me I Guess. Anyway, looking at it from a higher level, it was the most likely outcome, the odds were certainly against Pete.

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