1. I have read your latest book in The Cayman Proxy. We are ready for the next one. When is it coming out?

  2. I have it scheduled for July 31stβ€”I have the last two books of LHW coming out in the next two weeks and then back to The Cayman Proxy!

  3. It has been uploaded to Amazon already. It's up to them now! I imagine anytime from right now until possibly tomorrow morning. LHW#9 will be out in a week after that, maybe less…

  4. the new chapter Advent is out, but i can't purchase it. it's not compatible with kindle cloud reader, but all of your earlier ones were..

  5. was able to purchase it couple hours later, thanks. very hot chapter again. Loved the extra humiliation in this one, but wasn't fond of the extra bad-guy personality being bestowed on tyler. I think you were doing it to help add conflict, but i think there could have been plenty o' conflict between pete and tyler just as normal males might have for fighting over a woman. making tyler seem petty, petulant, and manipulative in certain parts of the book was a bit too over the top compared to how he had been mostly portrayed up to this point: as a caring, and thoughtful meathead! just my 2 cents tho πŸ˜‰

  6. Wow is all I can say and not in a good way. Never saw all that coming from these books. I am really hoping Pete will grow a pair to save his boys from what their mother is doing. At this point she is not even thinking about anyone but herself. I feel sad for what she is throwing away.

  7. Thanks! Sometimes I think a bad-guy personality can be false. Maybe Tyler acts this way because he doesn't know any other way to act in a situation like this. He can be the kind and caring meathead, especially with Jess, but he comes from a College sports background. When he knows he wants something, like Jess, he has to 'game' himself a win. Get in his opponents head, rattle them, intimidate them into a mistake or backing down. Some likeable males get less likeable when they get competitive. But they bounce back. When they're happy again. I do hear what you are saying though, I just feel like while Pete is a rather normal male, Tyler is a higher-testosterone type, and while he can be kind and caring he's also in some ways immature, especially juxtaposed with two older married people. His 'gamesmanship' might seem more normal in a younger college crowd but it does seem out of place in the happy household of an older married couple…

  8. Me too. I love Jess and I hated to see this. She hasn't thrown anything away, just come to the realization, and admitted it to all parties involved, that she is in love with a man that isn't her husband. But you are right, this can't be good.

  9. Great, can't wait for the last chapter (?), Jess has left herself open to all kinds of heartache. If Pete grows a set, he can ruin her life revealing that she is Tyler's blonde. So much for teacher of the year. Or if she wakes up Tyler is crushed and out on his ear. Decisions, decisions.

  10. When you say there are two more chapters does that mean two more books are coming out? I have never had a book stay in my head the way this one is.

  11. Thank you! (I think πŸ™‚ I hope it hasn't been too upsetting) There will be four novellettes that make up Book Three; Stuffed, Advent, New Year, and a fourth novellette with an undisclosed title.

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