Well, the newest episode in the Losing His Wife series is available now.

Following on the previous theme of hunger this one is titled Stuffed. It can be dirty if you want it, but this story does take place over Thanksgiving, get your mind out of the gutter.

Tyler is still living with Jess and Pete. Now their families are visiting for the holidays, plans made long before there was a Tyler in their simple lives. Jess’ dad is flying in from Arizona. What’s he going to think of this big handsome kid living with his daughter and her husband? Pete’s sister is coming. She’s already got a problem with this whole situation. Now she’s gotta sit at a table and have dinner with this big football player with the impressive bulge in his pants?

And Jess, in the middle of all this, has some feelings she needs to confront, control…but she doesn’t want to.

Here’s a preview:


  1. Best book of the series by far! The end bedroom sequence was smoldering hot. The challenge for the author now as I see it, is to see if this marriage can work with 3 participants and if the current husband can find happiness in playing 2nd fiddle to the alpha couple. Seems like they are on the right track so far..

  2. yeah this last chapter was awesome!! loved da hubby getting “thanksgiving leftovers” and hope to see more of that in next sequels

  3. I have enjoyed reading this books but my question is. Why does the husband have to be put down so? He is giving her what she wants so let there be some give and take.

  4. I agree. I hate to see the humiliation. But to me: Jess is caught in a weird place right now where she believes her husband wants that humiliation, that suffering. And to some extent he does. He really does. She doesn't know what's too much. I feel like she is pushing the boundaries right now because she is afraid she really is falling in love with Tyler. Therefore she humiliates him so that he can be included. She's in a way afraid not to humiliate him. It's complicated because she obviously does also enjoy her one-on-one time with Tyler too. She acts quite differently in those scenes.Pete and Jess' communication has ceased. In earlier stories they were a team and now they seem to have that Tyler-wedge driven between them. Jess is closer to Tyler in many ways. And therefore her communication with Pete is not so honest and open. Not like it was before. I feel like Pete is afraid to ask too much of Jess, afraid that he'll find proof in her answers that she's moving away from him, so he's content to let things be, let her take the lead, tell him how it's going to be. He hopes that she'll be the girl he's always known and she'll figure this all out and come back to him. In the mean time he gets a strange, sometimes unwelcome, thrill from the bad things she does. He doesn't want to like it but he does. And he's got a strong back for pain, he carries a lot of burden. But he'll take it right up to the point where he won't take it any more. Pete might seem like a wimp but I don't think he is. I don't think he's a loser. He's got a lot of complicated emotions and they seep in to his sexuality. But he can be tough and cynical, and he is a man with two boys who is responsible and capable.Ultimately, it's a work of fiction and I need conflict. This is their conflict. All of this is going somewhere, it's not meaningless. There's only two books left and we're building to something. I hope you stick it out with me!

  5. Just finished reading your series and was very entertained. I love that Jesse and Pete both have angsty issues. Everyone but Tyler it seems even the kids are starting to get angsty. I feel that the story is realistic. Interesting comment by the dad. Was he in the position before? Well I hope Pete can grow a pair and save his family but if not at least come away clean and as the better parent with custody. ThE kind of pain he seems to be going through will only get worse. Nothing lasts forever.. but I would add except for forgiveness.

  6. Thank you! I haven't had one message where someone is concerned about Jess. Everyone's worried about old Pete, which is great, but to me Jess is the more tragic figure. She has a lot to lose here. She needs help.I don't want to talk to much about it until the book is over but I like the insight in your comment!

  7. I cant speak for other cuckold enthusiasts, but I am a dedicated follower of this series on the hope that Tyler wins in the end. He's clearly in love with Jess and I think she feels the same. Part of the reason there's a titillation to this, is that it's taboo for the young hunk to end up winning the heart of the older, married broad. It's this taboo concept that keeps me (and others i'm sure) coming back. Why does Jess have to be considered a tragic figure? Why does she need help? Can't it be that she just wants happiness? Perhaps she is rebelling against the social norm that staying in a dull marriage with a dull husband is better for the kid's happiness than her own? I'm rooting for Tyler 'cuz I want to see what kind of dad he could be.p.s. when will the next sequels be out?

  8. I agree with you! Jess does deserve to be happy and I think it would be wonderful to find love, especially with someone who excites her so much. Regardless of age, etc. I don't even consider an age difference like Tyler and Jess as taboo at all.I find her tragic because under normal circumstances she would never have strayed from Pete. She was faithfully minded. But Pete's own insecurities and the desire to watch her be fulfilled put her on a course to love. How can she be expected to sleep with another man who tickles all her spots in the right way and not get some feelings for him? The guy is handsome, built, masculine, and then Pete likes her to point out his own inadequacies? He set her on a path to destroy their marriage.So I think that Jess, in the context of their marriage, is a tragic figure. As an individual? That's a different story.As for needing help…I think I just mean that she is falling in love with another man and she is married. I believe in fidelity. Even if you're sharing a spouse there needs to be a bond that can't be broken. You have to be a team. Jess is looking to get traded. The fans are going to go crazy. Plus she is increasingly reckless. Her passion for Tyler is making her hormones go crazy. It's normal, but she isn't like herself.The next book is scheduled to be submitted to Amazon on Sunday, and then it can take sometimes 24hrs before you'll see it in the store. I anticipate it will be out on Monday. If there's a delay it's because I'm adding new scenes or something!

  9. I like the path Jess is on kind of a self discovery. I thought the naughty kitchen scene was exciting. What if Tyler did get her off. Whew the fire works that would have created. Jess has a real problem because she's infatuated with Tyler. She's even jealous of her BFF when she was chatting him up. I disagree with a comment some one made that Tyler is in love with jess. I think if he says that it's just what studs do to keep the hot women around meanwhile he didn't have a problem chatting up the girlfriend.Jess fell in love with Pete had his kids and a life. That isn't going to dissappear because of Tyler's big dick. Which is now Jess's problem. And source of her angst. I almost feel like her need to sadistically punish Pete is a result of her angst and frustration. Maybe it's a subconscious means to scream at Pete to stop the merry-go-round. But the longer she rides it the easier it becomes to stay in the situation, punish Pete , and fall in love with tyler. Hopefully the kids will create the needed impetus for things to get back to something normal. It will be very tough on them if Tyler takes over?

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