New Novelette! Size Curious Brat

Well, hey there. My new book went live this afternoon, it’s called Size Curious Brat. New characters this time around, Matt a Harvard kid and his sleazy but loveable high school girlfriend Chloe. These two love each other to bits but they get tested. Boy, do they get tested. This one is a little fun, some black comedy/kooky characters like Going A Little Too Far. Naughty star-crossed lover types.

 I wrote this one pretty quick again. I did the first three thousand words on my iPhone in a Hospital Waiting Room (Elective surgery, all is good, thanks for asking!). I was just trying to find the characters based on a writing prompt I gave myself just as I sat down. I liked what I had, then I hammered the rest out over the rest of the week. I like these two very much and I hope you do too!

Cover by Mike Stevens again and it really gets me. I love it.

 The cuckold novel will begin very shortly. I’m going to do it in a series of short stories. I have a preview of the cover and I think it looks sweet. Title for now looks like it will be Losing His Wife. Each short story will have its own title and they will work as standalone pieces. Stay tuned!

 For now please check out the preview of my new novelette:

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