A Preview of My Next Book

My next book is going to be available very soon. I’m thinking in about two weeks.

It will be a full-length work. A standalone story, beginning, middle, and an end.

I wandered in this one for a while not sure if I was ever going to find the characters. I was happy with the way it was progressing but I just didn’t click with them. Writing Going A Little Too Far at times was difficult because I absolutely fell in love with Troy and Emma. I wasn’t sure the husband and wife in this book I’m writing now could ever touch me that way.

Then it happened. Pow. I’ve been laying in bed at night my own stomach twisting up with the angst I’m responsible for. And now the book is looking like it may end up being twice as long as I had planned. It’s turned into a doozy and I’m excited to see how it will finish. I know what I want but we’ll have to see if the characters like what I’ve come up with. They may have different plans.

This story skews a little to cuckoldry but is still a hotwife book. The characters are a little older, they have children, and I’ve put them in a ridiculous situation. While it might seem like a situation-comedy in premise, I have gone to great lengths to make every bit of it believable. There should be no eye-rolling, and there is nothing zany or campy about it. I came up with a funny prospect, then I made real, compassionate characters with jobs, kids, responsibilities–then I made the outrageous possible, believable.

The main characters here are Pete and Jess Mapplethorpe. Jess is a Grade 3 teacher, award winner, Pete manages a big-box retailer. A lot is going to happen but circumstances will put their stud bull living in their own home. Pete will suffer. He will see his wife with a better man. His kids with a better man. He is going to hurt and cry as he’s pushed out of his own home but he’s going to love it.

The book is tentatively called Lesson Learned. Who knows what it will be when it comes out.  It’s been called School’s Out too. It may just be called My Wife Gets a Big One. I don’t know. Mike Stevens is working on an illustration for the cover. I love what was done for Going A Little Too Far and The Cayman Proxy Box Set.

Here is the first scene from the next book. It is unedited and subject to change but I hope it gives you a good idea of what to expect:

Pete put the kids to bed at a quarter after eight. They complained, it was too early they said but Inside Out was over—fuck they’d seen it fourteen times already—and he was crawling out of his skin. He kissed them and put them to bed. Little Andy begged for a story and he sat and read for both of them but he was a hundred million miles away.
Now he was sitting in the living room, his second Dewar’s melting ice cubes on the end table at his elbow. She’d looked so beautiful when she’d left. Standing in the hall looking at him with one hand on the doorknob, ready to leave. She seemed nervous, fearful, her eyes were wide. He’d put his hand on her shoulder, gripped her arm—reassured her. She nodded and braced herself. He kissed her on her warm forehead so he wouldn’t muss her lipstick and she put her arms around his waist and hugged him for a long while. Then she left.

He’d watched her walk down their short driveway. She had dressed herself up and he longed to be the one she’d done it for. She wore heels, the first time he ever remembered her wearing them. Black, not too high, enough to make her legs seem even more shapely. She stumbled to the minivan learning to walk on her toes as she went. She got in and he saw her face in a brief instant lit up by the dome before she closed the door. Her long, pale blonde hair thick and lightened by the summer sun pulled up and away from her still beautiful face, done up in a bun held in place by two metal sticks. It showed off her long, elegant neck. In that little second, lit up in their six year old minivan, he saw her for the last time as he’d known her. His beautiful wife. Third grade teacher. Bill payer. Nose wiper. Loving partner. Number one mom. He didn’t know who was going to come home to him tonight but he knew they would be changed forever as a couple. It gripped him, excited him—absolutely scared the living shit out of him. He had held his breath as the silver van crawled across the night-time blue of their little cul-de-sac dripping water from the exhaust.

Pete took another sip of his drink. He squeezed the glass in his fist, felt it cold and hard. He took another swig, drained it, and set it quietly back down. His lips were numb from the ice as he stared into the dark room.
What was she doing right now? Right this moment terrible things could be happening to his wife. She could be bent over the bench seat in the back of their van, her rump tilted up, skewered by her foul-mouthed co-worker, panting and grunting, fogging up their widows, the suspension squeaking as he fucked her.
He hated the thought. He cherished the thought. His passionate wife really getting it like she wanted for once. He hoped she loved it. He hoped she cried out so loud when she came that she deafened that ape.

Pete didn’t like her choice. But he had to abide it. That was their rule. He’d wanted this first, she wanted it too, but it was her choice, not his. She could have picked anyone. Anyone from her work, at a bar, or even find some stud online. She only wanted one man. She wouldn’t consider another. 

Was Tyler her type of man? I mean physically he understood. Tyler was ten years younger than them. Taught gym to the older grades at her school and he was very fit. But too muscular. And his personality was muscular too. Brash, arrogant, loud. He had too much to drink at the little end-of-summer get-together they had two weekends ago. He had to be reminded at least a dozen times to watch his language in front of the children. He looked out of place amongst their normal suburban mom and dad friends with his thick but athletic body. And Tyler had to wear long sleeve shirts when he was at school but at the party everyone could see the tattoos that covered both his arms and over one shoulder on to his chest. Dragons and demons and swords. Bunch of kid shit.

That’s what his wife liked? He couldn’t believe she would fall for all that show. She seemed to; he’d seen her talking to Tyler in a quiet corner later in the party when it had got darker. She was tracing the lines drawn on his arm with her forefinger. She was flirting with him, her bare tanned legs drawn up underneath her, looking up at him through her eyelashes, almost empty glass of wine held crooked in her other hand. Pete took that hard. The arrangement, as it had come to be known, was already under way, but it still hurt to be confronted with it. It hurt but it turned him on and he hated that it did.


That big, dumb fuck was with his wife right now, thinking that Jess was sneaking out on a little date behind Pete’s back. He bet that Tyler would be high-fiving himself all night thinking he’d got one over on Pete, fucked his wife, never realizing Jess was the one doing the fucking and doing it with her husband’s blessing.


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